Dare not to drink


Alcohol can oftentimes present itself as a good time. Underage drinking can seem like no big deal. However, both can result in penalties that most do not contemplate before that first sip.

Nursing freshman Allison Tooms has worked hard to keep a high GPA and squeaky-clean record. As a senior in high school, she made the decision not to drink when she witnessed a friend losing her full-ride scholarship. The friend, who was voted prom queen, chose to participate in underage drinking at the prom.

Witnessing her friend’s bright future being ripped apart scared Tooms away from alcohol for good, she says. “I have too much to lose for a night of fun."

She says her nursing career is far too important to risk any sort of association with underage drinking.

Journalism freshman Alex Argeros admits that he does hang out with people who partake in underage drinking, but he has never had the desire to try. He responds with a simple “no” when his friends offer him drinks. They are understanding and respectful of his decision.

However, Argeros has personally seen the effects of alcohol on his close friends and does not like to be around when things go downhill.

“Things got pretty bad one night… there was a lot of door-punching and screaming and it was really bad,” he says. This has only furthered his desire to stay clean. Argeros says that he “just doesn’t want anything bad to happen.” He feels that the one time he decides to try it will be the time something goes wrong.

Journalism freshman Alexis Bowen never had a problem politely declining the offers. Even though she sometimes goes out to parties where the famous red cups are visible, she says she “would rather be the person that makes sure everyone gets home safely.”

"I really never saw the fun or pleasure in getting drunk,” Bowen says. She would much rather spend her time writing stories, going to the gym, or swimming.

Alexis’s past experiences with alcohol have shown her that safety should always come first. Her great-grandfather was a minor alcoholic and made the choice to drink and drive one night. She learned at a very young age that one wrong decision could result in the ultimate consequence: death.

They all agree that it takes just one night for your entire future to drastically change.

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