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Since the summer of 2014, ISIS has been grabbing headlines all across the nation for its vehement hatred of the U.S. and everything that goes against Sharia law. If anything has become apparent to me, it's that ISIS is a constantly growing force that won't just go away.

Usually I'm opposed to using force when it can be avoided. However, as an aspiring war reporter and someone who believes in the right to an opinion, I believe that ISIS is a threat that needs to be met with power and strength. The request for force was the first definitive statement from President Barack Obama that said, "You are a threat to our safety; you are killing us and our allies, and we will not tolerate it."

This group is a splinter cell of al-Qaida that was dismissed for its radicalism. They rely on capturing and holding territory to fund their public executions and condemnation of other cultures.

I understand that this is a long road ahead and that there are many obstacles in place. The editorial board at The Washington Post points out that one of the biggest obstacles will be for ISIS's enemies — many of whom are each others' enemies as well — to work together to eliminate ISIS.

I think that the reason the ISIS threat has not ignited as much fury in the American people is that they haven't committed an act against the U.S. that has been on par with the likes of Pearl Harbor or 9/11, thankfully. The downside is that it makes it harder to rally a nation behind the decision to use force.

What people must realize is that even though ISIS is somewhat contained in the Middle East, it is growing at an alarming rate, is recruiting fighters from all around the world and it will not stop without decisive, swift and devastating military action.

I am extremely sympathetic to those who don't want the military to engage in troop combat against ISIS. I know that if it were one of my loved ones leaving to fight an extremely hostile enemy, I would not advocate for war either. However I hope to be putting myself in that war zone because I believe that this is a story and a conflict that needs to be in the forefront of everyone's minds. The threat of ISIS doesn't scare me, but it inspires me to push myself further, as I'm sure is the truth for many others as well.

It's important that we all recognize this threat. You can't ignore a single ant because it will only lead to an infestation. One dead civilian is too many, and ISIS has killed people in horrifying, grotesque and inhumane ways. Left unchecked, ISIS will get to the point where something unthinkable will happen. Stopping them now is the only way to prevent any more senseless and innocent deaths.

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