Bikes, boards and blades

From bikes to boards to blades, you name it, it is probably traveling around ASU campus.

There are various ways to get to class in a timely manner. Different students choose different methods, but the most common are bicycles and skateboards.

Scooters are also commonly seen pushing around campus. Occasionally there will be someone who roller blades gliding through the crowd and if you are lucky you might see someone unicycling to class.

Biology sophomore Kayla Trowbridge says she likes using her bicycle because it is more efficient than any other type of transportation she has used on campus.

"I used to have a Razor scooter and it was a lot of work to carry around," Trowbridge says. "Bikes are just a little more efficient than a scooter or walking."

Most students would agree with Trowbridge that bikes are the most efficient way to travel around campus.

However, some students think skateboards are more efficient than bikes, such as Anna Morgan.


"I like skateboards better than bikes because you can take it into class," she says. "You don't have to lock it up, it's just easier and smaller."

Speech and hearing science junior Kristopher Bray agrees that it is easy to carry and it is faster than having to walk to all of their classes throughout the day.

"I am better at skating than I am at walking," he says. "I also ride my bike a lot."

Bray says these are his top two alternate transportation methods, and they are more efficient than walking to classes.

On the other hand, political science senior Linda Prado says she enjoys walking to class because it is easier to get around now that the Walk-Only Zones are in effect.

"My classes are pretty close to each other," Prado says. "I like walking because I don't have to wheel my bike everywhere I go."

Over 51,000 students travel around on the Tempe campus every day. With 642 acres to cover, students like to get to where they're going as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

Marketing senior Matthew Martinez says he has used a skateboard his entire life and it is easier for him to get around campus that way.

"Being a person who rides a skateboard, I think the Walk-Only Zones are more efficient because there are so many people on campus," Martinez says.

Martinez says he likes that the Walk-Only Zones are in place. He says it makes it easier for people to walk and makes campus a little safer.

"There are certain routes you can take to avoid the Walk-Only Zones and pretty much get to where you want still," Martinez says.

ASU students have different ways of getting around. Whether it is a bike or a board, they all get to where they need to go.

With a diverse array of students, every day is a new adventure on campus. However you choose to get to class, keep in mind to follow the campus rules and be a safe driver, rider, glider or walker.

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