ASU undergraduate, graduate student governments announce 2015-16 leaders

After a long and competitive elections season, the student government leaders for the upcoming 2015-16 school year have finally been determined.

After several weeks of vigorous campaigning, executive leaders for each campus' Undergraduate Student Government and Graduate and Professional Student Association have been determined.

Tempe Undergraduate Student Government

Isaac Miller was elected as president, with Marissa Fullford and Karis Felthouse as Vice President of Services and Vice President of Policy, respectively.

This ticket defeated the Zlaket ticket by receiving 70 percent of the votes, with 1,723 compared to 732.

During the campaign, Fullford said her ticket would address student interests through multiple avenues.

From advocating the students’ interests through multiple legal avenues to emphasizing students’ well-being in mental health awareness and sexual assault education and prevention, we will strive to utilize USG resources to serve our fellow students in whatever ways possible,” she said in an email.

Tempe Senate

  • Barrett, the Honors College - Christian Torres and Jared Blackwell, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Jessica Woo, Aundrea De Gravina, Shay Khatiri, Joan LeBeau, Benjamin Farthing and Ashin Tatikola
  • Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts - Felix Herbst
  • Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering - Alex Arena, Hugo Ponsonnet and Miguel Padilla
  • Mary Lou Fulton Teachers’ College - Joe Bourgault
  • School of Sustainability - Derek Duran
  • School of Letters and Sciences - Obie Dieke
  • W.P. Carey School of Business - Andrea Brandle and Aaron Miller

USG West

Stephanie Bockrath was elected with roughly 52 percent of the voting populations' support, or 124 votes compared to 110.

An ASASU Supreme Court case that could affect the outcome is pending.

Bockrath said her ticket, which includes Vice President of Services Joseph Muzupappa and Vice President of Policy Rachael Tashbook, is determined to keep up with students through communication and increasing presence on the West campus.

“The desire to help students is our ultimate objective,” Bockrath said in an email. “We believe that communication between students and their representatives is key to a prosperous relationship. Combining our work ethic with your ideas we can unite the campus by progressing, improving, and guiding our community to a better tomorrow.”

West Senate

  • New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences - Ephraim Infante and Christina Weston

  • Barrett, the Honors College, W. P. Carey School of Business, Exploratory and Mary Lou Fulton Teachers’ College all have vacant senate seats.

USG Downtown

Newly elected USG Downtown President Corina Tapscott, Vice President of Services Katherine Hofland and Vice President of Policy Ryan Boyd ran unopposed.

“Our platform focuses on the constant engagement and inclusion of all students within all aspects of USGD,” Tapscott said in an email. “The three main points of our platform are: increase student engagement, fight for equitable resources for the Downtown location and empower student organizations.”

Downtown Senate

  • College of Nursing and Health Innovation - Enrique Zamora III

  • Barrett, the Honors College - Lauren Arenas

  • Mary Lou Fulton Teachers’ College, School of Letters and Sciences, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, School of Public Program and Nutrition have vacant senate seats

USG Polytechnic

President Eric Frazier, Vice President of Services Andres Vallejo and Vice President of Policy Mary Curtiss won with 53 percent of the voting population. They earned 155 votes compared to the Halliday ticket's 135.

Frazier, who entered the race during the middle of the campaign, said his ticket will aim to build the best environment by interacting with the student body.

"We aim to build the best Arizona State University, foster a safe learning environment, and use Undergraduate Student Government to inspire new ideas and implement new solutions that create long-term, meaningful change that empowers students to become successful professionals in their respective fields of study," Frazier said in an email.

Polytechnic Senate

  • At-Large - Sara Brancati, Joshua Albin, Julia Anderson, Bethany Thielen, Stephen Annor-Wiafe, London Stackpole, Kaytlyn St. Yves, Cameron Schultz, James Larson, Saul Lopez and Brandon Lebid-Jurtschyk


Pauline Venieris was elected as Graduate and Professional Student Association President. She won with 100 percent of the voting population, or 187 votes. Carlo Altamirano-Allende was also elected Vice President of External Affairs, Jordan Hughes was elected as Vice President of Internal Affairs and Andy Waldron is the new Vice President of Professional Development

Venieris said, as president, she wants to establish a connection within the community, provide support for graduate students and create an environment where students can thrive.

"Our current theme of OurGPSA paved the way for many opportunities for connection, support, and enrichment," Venieris said in an email. "The platform I am running on will pursue two ambitions simultaneously: maintenance and growth. While one is often sacrificed for the other, this year we aim to maintain the many fruitful accomplishments of this year while also continuing to bring new ideas and energy to the community of scholars we represent."

GPSA Assembly

  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Katie Brown, Yanqin Liu, Bobby Abdallah
  • College of Health Solutions: Jessie Green, Tara Salehpour
  • Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering: Parth Nagarkar, Kerem Demirtas, Yash Garg, Daniel Burillo, Rajat Aggarwal, Sushrut Dabir
  • Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts: Ashley Laverty
  • At-Large: Tyler Brown
  • Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College: Sarah Kilmer, Anna Cirell
  • Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law: David Bakardjiev, Peter Krehbiel
  • College of Letters and Sciences: Chun Tao
  • Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication: Guy Harrison

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