5 void-filling podcasts you need in your life

Here are five must-listen-to webcasts in the golden age of podcasts

We all know that feeling of coming out of a Serial hangover. Those lingering feelings of void after realizing it’s over, the 7 stages of grief, the usually futile search to find a podcast quite as addicting.

The good news? We’ve got your back. We’ve consulted our ‘podcast experts’ to compile a list of some (serial) killer podcasts to get you out of your perpetual podcast slump and help fill your time before diving into a that crazy 18-credit semester you probably have.

After all, who better for this job than one bored college journalist coming out of very serious craving for ‘casts?

So whether you’re craving a cure to tide you over until Serial season two, or simply looking for something to break you out of that pre-fall semester limbo, here are five podcasts that can’t go wrong

1. Invisibilia

Much like your social life after listening to this podcast— Invisibilia focuses on the invisible and intangible. Much like Serial, the show is undeniably a journalistic investigation. This NPR hosted podcast follows Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel as they delve into things like psychology, social connections and different forms of human behavior. From the idea of pain to a blind man riding a bicycle— Miller and Spiegel take things found in dry and clinical lab reports and turns them into a work of captivating story telling.

2. Mystery Show
That lingering sense of unanswered questions and enigma will always be a driving force behind Serial. Starlee Kline, former “This American Life” producer, takes that aspect of the show and blows it up. The idea is to answer questions and crack cases that can’t simply be solved by a quick Google search. Investigating how a video store simply just disappeared off the face of the earth, or unearthing Jake Gyllenhaal’s exact height. Kline brings an intriguing concept to life with a very Serial meets Veronica Mars feel.

3. The Mortified Podcast

Imagine reading your embarrassing, childhood diaries and letters to a group of complete strangers. Then you’ll understand the horrifying appeal of The Mortified Podcast. Teenage angst and awkwardness is a touchstone everyone can get on board with. The show is a casual mixture of “Oh god, why did they do that?” and “Oh god, why did I do that?” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll repeatedly bang your head against a table until you’re emotionally empty. It’s a great time.

4. Welcome To Night Vale — 

A fictional podcast staged as a radio show in a small southwestern town Night Vale and covering on the strange events that occur within it. The show takes a sort of "War Of The Worlds" twist in story telling, adding its own spark of dark (but amusing) humor. The show itself was based off an idea to tell a story about a town where all conspiracy theories were real. The show took of from there and is now one of the star-studded stories decorating the iTunes podcast page.

5. Gilmore Guys

So let’s be real here: if you’re reading this right now you’re probably not estranged to the occasional (or not so occasional) Netflix binge or nerding out about those binges. Gilmore Guys is a comedy podcast featured on media outlets like the New York Times hosted by two guys— Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe— discussing all things Gilmore Girls and many things not so much. Filled with sarcastic bits and pop-culture tangents galore, Porter and Adejuyigbe’s playful banter and undeniable chemistry make this show a must watch to anyone looking for a new show and podcast to get hopelessly addicted to.

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