From 'Netflix and Chill' to knowing your rights, here are the week's top stories

The first week of classes is over. Sit back, relax and take a look at the week's most read articles.

Although the first week of classes is finally over, the struggle to adjust to the warm and dry climate continues. Find some air conditioning so you can relax and enjoy the week’s top stories. 

11 traditions every ASU student needs to know

Photo by Ben Margiott | The State Press

Did you know that “A” Mountain once displayed a “T” and an “N" instead of the iconic "A"? Learn about some ASU traditions you may not have known about.

10 movies to make your next “Netflix and Chill” session the best one yet

Photo by Summit Entertainment | Courtesy photo

Are you looking for a few new flicks to watch? Look no further. Arts reporter Ryan Santistevan lists 10 movies to watch to make your next “Netflix and Chill” the best it can be.

SeaWorld protest a real 'Jackass' move

Photo by Don Bartletti | Los Angeles Times via TNS

SeaWorld has had a mountain of bad press because of its practices of animal captivity. Columnist Lindsay Roberts explores the topic of killer whale captivity at SeaWorld and the falling popularity of the park.

Planned Parenthood protestors, supporters face off outside of Phoenix Planned Parenthood office

Photo by Alexandra Gaspar | The State Press

Hundreds of pro-choice activists gathered for a peaceful protest outside the Planned Parenthood office in Phoenix. News reporter Allie Bice and photojournalist Alexandra Gaspar covered the protest.

Articles we think you'll love:

Casually saving the world, one T-shirt at a time

Photo by Alexandra Gaspar | The State Press

ASU graduate student and teacher Charles Rolsky has started an organization, Laboratory Casual, that sells T-shirts to raise money for charities. Reporter Jessica Suerth tells how and why the first T-shirt was made and what the future holds for Rolsky.

First two women graduate from Ranger School, show amazing strength

Photo by Robin Trimarchi | Columbus Ledger-Enquirer via TNS

Women could not be deployed into combat until 1901. Now, over a century later, two soldiers have become the first women to graduate from the United States Army’s Ranger School. Columnist Graham Paul tells of the achievements of the two women and what this means for women and the military.

Student libertarians gather at 'Know Your Rights' event, learn how to handle police encounters

Photo by Austin Bailey | The State Press

Defense Attorney and libertarian Marc Victor spoke to a group of ASU students to inform them of their rights when encountering police. Reporter Isabella Castillo covered the meeting and spoke with student libertarians about this touchy issue.

Why I'm happier without Instagram

Photo by Ben Moffat | The State Press

Columnist Noel Lilley is a “recovering Instagram addict.” Read more about Lilley's experience with disconnecting from the social network, how it impacted her and how her outlook on social media changed.

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