Love, Flings and Other Things: Introduction

I dreamt of going away to a huge west-coast school since the 6th grade. I’m madly in love with my boyfriend, but I’m also madly in love with ASU. The two things I love most just happen to be 2425 miles away from each other… but who’s counting?

The decision to stay committed to my boyfriend in college was a good one. In the beginning it’s easy to second guess, but having that happiness stay constant as everything else was changing is monumentally valuable.  

Whether you’re a long distance relationship (LDR) veteran or entered this semester with a newly defined LDR, I’m sure everyone on the planet is asking you why you chose to stay with a significant other who isn’t here.

The answer is simple. I know that no one at Arizona State University will compare to my guy back home. 

Sure, I’ll miss out on fraternity formals and have a few guy friends, but I’ve got something everyone else wishes they had: love (Corny, but true.)

It’s difficult being away from your significant other, but without them you’ll have a lot more free time. 

If you’re anything like me -- and by that I mean you need constant distractions from thinking about your significant other so their phone doesn’t explode from calling so much -- then you’re going to be very productive.

Because I can’t focus my energy on fawning over my boyfriend, I’ve thrown my energies into school and making friends.

Think of all the time your friends spend just picking out the perfect outfit to impress him. SO MUCH TIME.

My heart is back home and my mind is here to study.

I don’t miss out on sushi night because my guy doesn’t like sushi. I can eat as many crab rolls as my heart desires. There’s no chance of him showing up at my door three hours before an essay is due. All that’s going to be in my room is that essay (or lack of) and I. 

LDRs save your sense of independence. Keep your friends, your own identity and your grades up. Not to mention you’ll save money because you won’t be constantly going out with that special someone.

Perhaps you’ll save those extra funds up for a trip to see them.

The most satisfying part of a LDR is finding comfort in the idea that if you can make it through this, you can make it through anything.

Every semester that passes will make you more confident in your relationship. Every test, every paycheck and every day that passes is one step closer to them.

So a long distance relationship isn’t the end of the world. Look at me, I’ve got straight A’s AND a hot boyfriend.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it does get easier as long as you whole-heartedly believe he is worth it. How do you know he’s worth it? How do you know if he’s “the one” and this is the time? Stay tuned… 

To reach Kara Curtin, email her at or find her on Twitter @Karacurtin

About the Author: 

Kara is a senior who wishes she was the seventh child on the Brady Bunch. She loves dancing shamelessly, organizing her closet and pretending her life is much cooler on social media than it is in real life. 

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