5 Tempe bike shops that'll get your gears going

School is back in session and the Tempe roadways are congested and clogged with students bustling back and forth on their daily commutes. This inconvenience is what draws many residents and students of the city to seek alternatives to motor vehicles. Some have become more creative in their approach, using segways (sometimes handleless), scooters and the like, but most are content with the time-tested option of the bicycle.

Bikes are a great way to get around, but as anyone who has ridden one knows, these two-wheeled machines are notoriously prone to the elements and have the tendency to pop a flat tire in the worst of situations. This leads to the inevitable visits and revisits to the local bike shop. 

When you do get a flat, your choice may be limited to whatever is closest.  But if you want to upgrade your bike or do a tune-up, you have a few great options to choose from around Tempe.

Bike Saviours

Bike Saviours is somewhat of a local legend among bike enthusiasts. It's different from your traditional bike shop, in which you drop off your bike and a technician works on it when he gets a chance. 

At Bike Saviours, you work on your bicycle using the tools and space provided by the shop. Not too good with your hands? No worries. Bike Saviours employs on-hand technicians that will help walk you through any questions you may have. 

The do-it-yourself method of Bike Saviours ensures that it's the cheapest of all options on the list besides the ASU Bike Co-Op. It also sells parts, both new and salvaged. 

Want to build a bike from scratch? You can't do better than Bike Saviours, where all you need to bring is a frame or an old bike, and the mechanics will hep you build your own dream-cycle.

ASU Bike Co-op

Along the same lines as Bike Saviours is the ASU Bike Co-Op. The co-op is the absolute cheapest option of any shops on the list, but it does have its limitations as a business. For starters, you must be an ASU student to use its services. 

You're also limited to a select number of services and products offered at the co-op, and the list is small. The store offers cheap services for your bicycle, but if you're looking for snazzy upgrades or a wide range of options, look elsewhere.


Located just west of the Tempe campus, Pedal has a great student discount, a wide range of bicycles and bike parts and an extremely helpful staff. It is the quintessential bike shop, with prices that are fair, but not cheap. 

Know your bike. Love your bike.

Posted by The Pedal Bike Shop on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pedal is a solid choice for any of your needs, but fails to be anything unique. Then again, how unique does a bike shop need to be? 

Bike Cellar

The Bike Cellar is located conveniently close to the light rail, which means if you get a flat anywhere along the rail lines, you can hop on, ride to the Tempe Metro Center, get it fixed and be on your merry way in no time. 

It's another solid bike shop, but doesn't offer anything too much further. However, it does have a sale rack which has some good stuff in it sometimes, so it is definitely worth checking out.

Domenic's 2 Wheelers

Domenic's 2 Wheelers is somewhat an unknown gem of Tempe bike shops. It is often overshadowed by the larger names like Pedal. Its location on the corner of Rural and Broadway is sometimes easy to miss, but make no mistake, Domenic's is a grade-A bike shop. 

The staff is made up of knowledgeable and friendly bike technicians who always want to help. Along with the great service, the shop also has a nice selection of bicycles for sale.  This is not a shop to overlook.

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