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From her infamous array of pantsuits in every color of the rainbow to her top-notch scrunchie game, Hillary Clinton has been under scrutiny for her fashion choices for over two decades. Now, a group of women has taken it upon themselves to put Clinton herself on a scrunchie. 

The business, Hillary Scrunchies, claims it is in support of the presidential candidate. To me, it appeared to be a mockery itself as opposed to supporting the Democratic candidate.  

"Subject to mockery over the past couple decades, the modest scrunchie has prevailed as an awesome accessory to put your hair up. So instead of making fun of Hillz, let's embrace her favorite hair accessory. It's hard enough to just BE A WOMAN without other women tearing you down," according to the website. 

Sure, this business is thinking of a cutesy way to support Clinton, but the flaw is just that. It is so cutesy that it almost appears as if they are not taking Clinton seriously. "Hillz" is not our homegirl, she is a presidential candidate, and she deserves to be referred to as such. Disregarding where she stands on crucial issues supports her in the wrong way, and it shows her in the a less than professional light.

The individuals that see girls bobbing down the street with a scrunchie adorned with Clinton's face in their hair will see the candidate as a joke. She will forever be the Secretary of State that sported a scrunchie-clad ponytail, as opposed to the leading lady in the Oval Office. 

Scrunchies that inadvertently mock Clinton, despite the websites claims of empowerment and support, paint Clinton as a celebrity on par with pop sensations, like Taylor Swift. When I saw the scrunchies, I immediately thought of the Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirt that says, "More boyfriends than T.S." 

The business was evidently prepared for disagreement. On it's website writes, "We want to create something, playful and create something that shows your support for power women everywhere. We don't think they have to be mutually exclusive." 

Although these two notions can indeed go hand in hand, how the masses will receive it is a point worth taking into consideration. The fact that timelines are buzzing with the latest accessory is brilliant for Clinton publicity. However, this is not the publicity one wants whilst duking it out at debates, as everyone waits eagerly for you to fall. 

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