7 ways to celebrate the end of finals

It is finally here. The moment you have studied tirelessly for is just around the corner. Whether you are trying to maintain your A+ or just looking to scrape by with a C, you may be forgetting the most important thing in this process: the celebration. Here are a few ways to celebrate and relax after your final exams.


The obvious choice, of course, is to go out on the town or to the dining hall, order the largest thing on the menu and fill up. If you're like me, you're probably only running on coffee and a light pre-final exam meal at this point. Go ahead, indulge yourself in a buffet and ravish in your feelings of relief.

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If you were cramming for exams, you are likely exhausted. The only thing left to do is take a celebratory nap and dream of your vacation with family. Pro tip: Combining this nap with that post-final exam feast will yield very positive results.

Tidy your room up

Your room may be a cluttered mess from these days of neglect during your studies. Do yourself a favor and clean your room — or at least organize the wreckage.

Return or sell your textbooks

Classes will never truly be off of your mind until you get rid of your textbooks. If you bought a textbook you no longer need, find a textbook exchange Facebook group or go on Ebay and sell it. Ridding yourself of these books that caused your sleepless nights will be a good feeling.

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Relax in your room

Once the door to your room closes, release all of your bottled up feelings of relief and serenity. Raise your arms up high and rejoice in this feeling of ecstasy. Then relax, sit down on your couch or bed, drink a cup of hot chocolate and watch your favorite show, play video games or do whatever you feel like doing. Take a few minutes to read some news. You've earned it.

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Go outside

Walk outside and feel the sun warm your skin. Adjust your eyes to this natural light, as they have been exposed to that bright fluorescent light for too long. Leave campus to go somewhere fun. Go to your friend's apartment, go on a hike or go anywhere you want to go. The further away from campus you trek, the more fun you'll have.

Plan your break

If you haven't done this already, now is the time to do it. Jot down a list of things you want to do during your break from this mental prison we all call "college."

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