4 things the Editorial Board learned this semester

With every passing year, ASU makes improvements that positively affects the student body. In 2015, we explored each of these issues and witnessed numerous commendable feats occur on campus. From a Special Victims Unit becoming part of ASU Police Department, to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) students receiving in-state tuition, ASU has continued to listen to our voices and adhere to our needs.

1. ASU adds a Special Victims Unit into ASU PD

In the first month of the fall semester, ASU added a SVU to ASU PD and we commended the department's step to combat this issue. 

“This department will specialize in the investigation of cases involving ‘physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence and crimes against children,’” The State Press reported. We hope that other campuses will implement similar public services within their own schools to bring down the national statistic of 1 in 5 women in college being sexually assaulted. ASU has an ongoing effort to educate students with the “Consent and Respect” course that seeks to prevent violence from initially occurring, but it will be interesting to see how ASU PD's SVU aids the effort in coming semesters.

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2. In-state tuition applies to DACA students

DACA students finally saw justice earlier this year when they were granted the ability to pay in-state tuition. After numerous protests along with the organization DreamZONE, whose “primary objective is to create inclusive and supportive campus environments conducive to the educational success of undocumented students,” both DACA students and DreamZONE created a positive difference in the student body. This positive movement proved to the community that students can make a difference when they stand together in solidarity.

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3. The ASU alert debacle

If you attend ASU, you also receive numerous alerts from the University. In 2015, it was utilized in very different ways. Alerts regarding the bees came up dozens of times, but when the Tempe campus had an alleged shooting scare we hardly heard a peep. Since then, police officials have expressed their regrets in not keeping students informed through this medium, and promised to be more informative in the future.

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4. Transportation and intercampus shuttles

This past semester, The State Press found how infrequently the intercampus shuttles are utilized on the weekends. From experience, we also know how difficult it can be to catch a ride on one during high-peak times. However, this week ASU has brought double-decker buses into the equation. Despite this being a necessity of our day-to-day campus life, we don't feel like we actually attend "one University, in many places."

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