​Music to cope with the semester’s first real week

Syllabus week is over, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is firmly behind us and the semester is off to a roaring start. Right? Maybe not so much. If you’re dragging your feet to class and need a little inspiration, motivation or rejuvenation, here’s a week in music to match your vibe during the coming weeks this semester.

Monday: "Another One" by Mac Demarco

This one’s a little more demure; it is Monday, after all. Wake up, make your coffee and start “Another One” (another week, that is, with some Mac). Yes, Mac, we are “feeling so confused,” but we need to figure out the weekend a little bit before we can start the week off fresh, in my humble opinion. Indeed, as Mac croons, we’re “wishing for tomorrow, today,” but the bard continues, “must be another one.” It’s another week for you to start fresh, partner. Take a little listen to see how Mac wants you to deal with your Monday.

Tuesday: “Disparate Youth” by Santigold

First, an aside: Santigold is releasing an album, titled “99 Cents” on Feb. 26, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s the follow up to the album “Master of My Make Believe.” This song will get you through that rough Tuesday/Thursday session you’ve got set up. She begins the song by blasting “don’t look ahead there’s stormy weather/ another roadblock in our way.” Take a listen to hear Santigold’s advice on what to do in this sticky situation.

Wednesday: “Etude 6” by Philip Glass

OK, dude, buckle down. It’s hump day and you got nothing done this week. This song, composed by the master Philip Glass, will help you study, reflect or simply relax on Wednesday to give you the energy to continue on with the week without having a meltdown. This track is a little different than you might have heard before, but keep on keeping on to hear the slow development of Glass’ meditative composition.

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Thursday: “Make A Scene” by Shamir

I love Shamir so much. He opened for Marina and the Diamonds, and I was seemingly the only person dancing to him. Pitchfork named this album one of its best of 2015, so the whole thing is worth a listen. This song’s got a dedicated (but kooky) beat to make your shuffle a little bit more of a step this Thursday. Listen to this track for some advice on how to face your upcoming weekend. Hint: there’s some advice on how to plan your “time off.”

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Friday: “Tightrope” by Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe’s going to tell you how it is. This song, I would say, is more realistic about how your Friday’s going to go than you might have expected. “Whether you’re high or low/ you’ve got to tip on the tightrope,” she sings. Despite your week’s challenges, you know what’s ahead of you. You’ve got this, and Monáe will help you cope with any certain uncertainty that you’ll face tonight.

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