Sip Coffee and Beer Garage marries the world of drive-thrus and local cafes

There are three wonderfully effective things a business owner can give modern, urban professionals to win their hearts: a space to work, a great drink and a menu to fit all tastes. 

Sip Coffee and Beer Garage's new Indian School Road and 36th Street location offers its visitors the ability to do each on their own schedules with its long hours and drive-thru. From early morning coffee runs to midnight bar hops, the Garage has something for everyone. 

It's hard to believe that a location that now smiles onto the street with its bright furnishings, open-air lounge and bubbly Arcadian clientele was once a simple car garage, but general manager and ASU alumnus Alex Cardineau said the location's unconventional past life (and its drive-thru) is exactly what attracted his team.

"We were just looking for a bold space we could easily convert," Cardineau said. "And I loved this one."

Sip uses only high-quality local roasters, including Cartel Coffee Lab, and rotates its selection of beers on tap. 

People come to Sip for the coffee and beer, but they stay for the sunny, inviting atmosphere. Somehow the shop is able to work the blue, orange and green color scheme without being tacky, and a clean, modern aesthetic without sacrificing coziness. 

Unsurprisingly, its clientele is equally well-rounded. On this particular Monday afternoon, Sip was alarmingly busy with chatty hipsters, middle-aged gal pals and young urban professionals alike. 

"We get accused of only aiming towards millennials," Cardineau said. "I don't think that's true at all. We're open to everybody. Most of my clientele is actually people that work from home, but I wouldn't say we're targeted to any specific type of person."

In addition to the "regulars" who make Sip a daily stop, new people from the neighborhood are regularly coming in through Sip's different community events. Barista Alana Tivnan said the coffee shop's grand opening event on Jan. 15, for example, was a huge hit.

"It got packed in here," she said. "It was like an Old Town bar."

Sip's positive ambiance is made up of not only a colorful interior, great food and quality drink options, but the work environment and attitude among employees has a positive energy as well. 

Tivnan said even though she just started working there, the customers have been extremely kind and enjoyable to serve. 

"The Arcadia neighborhood has been super welcoming," she said. "I think it helps that there are a lot of other independently owned businesses in the area."

Barista Bob Scholz said his time at Sip has been much more enjoyable than past experiences he's had working at chain coffee shops.

"I actually want to come to work now, every single day," he said. "The environment here is so much more attending and caring. All your co-workers care, and it's like a family here."

Scholz added that he loves his ability to connect with the regulars and have conversations with his customers. He praised Sip for being able to serve local coffee without compromising its quality or the shop's commitment to pleasing its visitors.

Tivnan and Scholz said the same can be said for the Scottsdale location, though neither of them have worked there. Tivnan, who is also a bartender, added that the Scottsdale Sip is busiest in the mornings, while the new location has been "more of a bar scene" at night.

Eventually, Cardineau hopes to accommodate this scene by turning the Garage's basement into an underground bar. Though he and the main owner, Travis Radevski, are focused on running this new location, Cardineau said he would love to expand Sip into the Tempe coffee scene. 

Students can see for themselves by popping into Sip on Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. or Friday and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday hours vary. 

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