From memorials to cheap textbooks, here are the week's top stories

Welcome back, ASU! Hopefully you haven't skipped any classes yet. Take a few minutes to catch up on the top stories of the first week of school.

ASU students hold vigil for deceased student

Photo by Ben Moffat | The State Press

A candlelight vigil was held Wednesday night to remember ASU student Jelissa Ruiz who was found dead Tuesday. Students gathered at Old Main to donate glow sticks and exchange memories of Ruiz. Reporter Mia Senechal spoke with friends and acquaintances of Ruiz who said they remember her fondly.

Students create website to easily buy and sell textbooks

Photo by Lauren Hornberger | The State Press

As textbook prices continue to rise, students across the country are looking for new markets to frugally purchase or rent the required texts. Reporter Alexis Egeland met a group of students who have made the "Craigslist for textbooks," SunTexty.

5 ASU coaching changes in winter break carousel

Photo by Ben Moffat | The State Press

ASU athletics experienced a big shift in coaching personnel over winter break. Reporter Logan Newman explains how these changes in ASU's coaching climate and the vacancies created by them will affect Sun Devil Athletics.

Safety before advancement: Now is not a woman's time

Photo by Joyce Marshall | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Is 2016 the year the United States should elect a female president? Columnist Kendra Penningroth argues not, claiming a woman, as president, would not be as successful as a man in the arena of foreign policy.

Counterpoint: Clinton can set the precedent for presidents

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State Press needs your help to incite change on campus

Photo by Ben Moffat | The State Press

As a student publication, nothing disappoints us more than hearing complaints from students that say we are not covering something enough or to a reasonable degree. We decided to dedicate our first editorial of the semester to remind you that the relationship between the press and the public is a two-way street. Of course we want to cover what matters to you, but we need some help from you.

Twitter unfairly un-verifies controversial conservative journalist

Photo by Johanna Huckeba | The State Press

Milo Yiannopoulos, technology editor at the conservative publication Breitbart, had his Twitter verification removed after he was told he violated Twitter policy. Columnist Cody Fitzpatrick unravels the story behind Yiannopoulos' verification removal and the discussion it has started.

3 things you might have missed from Gov. Ducey's State of the State Address

 Photo by Emily Johnson | The State Press

Raise your hand if you watched Gov. Doug Ducey's State of the State address. We didn't think so. Don't worry, reporter Megan Janetsky diluted Ducey's speech into 3 components that were stressed throughout the annual address.

ASU scientists to research with NASA’s new Telescope

Photo by Sangeeta Malhotra | Courtesy

Space, the final frontier, will be explored from a distance by a team of ASU scientists with the help of NASA's new Wild Field Infrared Survey Telescope. Reporter Ethan Millman beamed himself to ASU's department of Earth and Space Exploration to learn more about why these scientists will survey the stars with this new instrument.

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