The editorial board plans the perfect Arizona spring break

​For everyone staying in Arizona over break, here are the places The State Press Editorial Board recommends checking out.

Who would want to sip margaritas on the golden beaches of Cancun when you could be traversing the dusty streets of Arizona over spring break?

Seriously though, Arizona has some great places to visit if you plan on taking a staycation this year. Check out the Editorial Board's recommended destinations to chill out when the heat of spring rolls in:

Visit Sedona

I've always loved road trips and being from out of state makes me appreciate all of the awesome destinations in Arizona that much more. Ideally, I would love to spend a day in Sedona. There is ample opportunity for biking, hiking and exploring the absolutely breathtaking scenery. If gorgeous views aren't your thing, there is also Slide Rock State Park. It is a essentially a free waterslide park with a collection of waterfalls and relaxing swimming holes. Sedona is surrounded by small eclectic towns with ample coffee and souvenir shops. Stop at Pepe's café in Cottonwood for a cheap bite to eat on your way home. And the best part? Aside from gas money, it's 100 percent free. — Becca Petersen, assistant photo editor

Cactus League Spring Training

March 1 through April 2, all across the valley

Sitting under sun (or moon) for Cactus League baseball is a cheap and nostalgic way to enjoy the spring. As half of Major League Baseball’s franchises and future stars pour into the Valley for a month of daily exhibition games, college students and families alike can travel the city and watch America’s pastime. — Matt Layman, assistant sports editor

(Photo Illustration by Matt Layman)

Explore Tucson

As a native Tucsonan, I promise there are amazing things that are worth the two(ish) hour drive south into Wildcat country. If you’re one for authentic Mexican cuisine, visit Mi Nidito and order horchata with your meal. Hike a trail on Mt. Lemmon, where temperatures can be 20 degrees lower, then reward yourself at the Cookie Cabin. Finally, catch a film at the local indie theater, The Loft Cinema, and chill across the street for boardgames, open mic nights and caffeine at Black Crown Coffee Co. — Sydney Maki, copy chief

(Photo by Sydney Maki)

Visit Phoenix museums

For some, paying money to just walk around a building and look at other people's work may not seem appealing, but there are several interesting exhibits to see. For example, right now at the Phoenix Art Museum there is a room where you can walk in and be surrounded by mirrors and flashing light strands. It is one that will take you out of Phoenix for less than $20. Culture passes are available to students to attend some of the local museums for free. — Ryan Santistevan, arts editor

Visit Netflix

No one else is saying it, so I will. Sometimes you just need to lock yourself up in your room and binge watch "Orange is the New Black" or "Gilmore Girls" for 16 straight hours. No shame. You may at this point be thinking, “But, Megan, don’t you want to go out in the world and … do things?” Yes, sometimes. I’m just saying in the life of a college student, where you’re always going and always pressured to do something “cool” and “Instagram-worthy” in your free time, it’s OK to hunker down and take some much needed "me time" — even if that involves watching a bald chemistry teacher make blue meth in the middle of a desert. — Megan Janetsky, assistant news editor

Havasupai Falls

1248 Holmgrove Drive, Supai, Arizona

I have not yet had the opportunity to visit Havasupai Falls, but every spring break or long weekend I see pictures from friends of the beautiful falls and the amazing blue-green pools, and I get so jealous. There’s a long hike to get down to the falls, but, from what I’ve seen in the photos, it’s well worth the work. — Claire Cleveland, managing editor

Arizona Snow Bowl

9300 N Snowbowl Road, Flagstaff, Arizona

If you’re looking to get out of the heat this spring break and shred some gnar — check out Arizona Snow Bowl in Flagstaff. With record snowfall, the season should still be in full swing. After you’re finished skiing or snowboarding, make sure to hit up downtown Flagstaff for some great shopping and restaurants. — Ben King, opinion editor


Visit Flagstaff

Flagstaff, with its mountainous horizon of pines, may seem like Arizona’s misplaced version of the Pacific Northwest to those who visit for the first time. However, while the city has plenty to do outdoors, its downtown area also features several great coffee shops and restaurants that offer cozy daytime environments. My personal favorite is a vegetarian café called Macy’s. Not only is it packed every time I visit, but the vegan BLT is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Feel free to order out and have a picnic. Plus, the view of the San Francisco Peaks will make you feel like you’re in an episode of Twin Peaks. — Aimee Plante, news editor

Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix

1125 N. 3rd Ave, Phoenix, Arizona

If the Desert Botanical Garden is too mainstream for you, I recommend visiting the lesser-known Japanese Friendship Garden. It’s an excellent place to soothe the stress that’s been threatening to consume you all semester long. It’s also a gorgeous, serene date spot to take your significant other or impress someone for the first time after you’ve worked up the nerve to slide into their DMs and ask them out. With a $5 admission price, it’s even cheaper than a movie. — Isabella Castillo, assistant arts editor


Beaver Creek

Sedona, Near Slide Rock

If you’re going up to Sedona, hiking down to Beaver Creek is the perfect way to spend a day. Bring your bathing suit, pack some snacks and get ready for a longer hike than the signs indicates. Fortunately, the weather is perfect this time of year, and the people you’ll meet on the way down and the view at the bottom makes it well worth it. — Jojo Huckeba, photo editor

(GIF by Jojo Huckeba)

Go to a lake

If you have a few friends in town, head over to a nearby lake for a day, such as Saguaro or Bartlett. They’re 45 minutes to an hour away, and you can sit by the water and mountainside while relaxing with a picnic lunch. If you have several friends, you can even rent a boat; with enough people chipping in, a couple hours is relatively cheap. — Logan Newman, sports editor

(Photo by Logan Newman)

Viva Phoenix

Saturday, March 12 in downtown Phoenix

There’s nothing like celebrating not having to study or go to class with live music. Once again, the music festival Viva Phoenix will take over downtown for one night only. Local favorites like Playboy Manbaby and Harrison Fjord will perform alongside bigger names, including Neon Indian, The Growlers and Crystal Castles. — Shelby Slade, editor-in-chief

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