From minimalism to pranksters, here are the week's top stories

Congratulations, you are one more week away from spring break. We feel your struggle. In the meantime, take a minute to brush up on the top stories of the week.

Simplifying life's clutter

Photo by Jacob Stanek | The State Press

State Press Magazine reporter Courtney Diddell was the victim of consumerism. In this article, Diddell explains how she switched to a minimalistic lifestyle in order to become happier.

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5 hidden study spots on ASU’s Tempe campus

Photo by Jordan Neel | The State Press

Midterms are coming and there is no escape. Thinking of studying at Hayden? Think again. Beat the crowds and consider a few of these places that are sure to give you those quality, quiet hours of studying.

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Blake Stauffer grabs opportunity at ASU wrestling and doesn't let go

Photo by J. Bauer-Leffler | The State Press

Just two weeks ago, No. 6 ranked ASU wrestler Blake Stauffer won his 100th match. Reporter Ben Flores spoke with the senior wrestler and learned more about his small town upbringing, where "wrestling is king."

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Don't discriminate against others based on their major

Photo by Johanna Huckeba | The State Press

If you're an art major you've probably been annoyed by someone lecturing you about why your major is worthless. Columnist Katie Maher argues that society "needs balance" and art majors and other "worthless" majors are part of that balance.

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Stories we think you'll love:

Sen. John McCain talks about 2016 presidential race in video series for ASU students

Photo by Johanna Huckeba | The State Press

Sen. John McCain visited the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus this week to sit down with professor-of-practice Jeff Cunningham and participate in ASU's ongoing "Iconic Voices" video series. Reporter Allie Bice details the discussion that consisted of everything from ISIS and national security, and the controversial legal dispute between Apple and the FBI.

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Track and field's Ahmed Hassan throws at ASU after living through Egypt's revolution

Photo by Ellen O'Brien | The State Press

ASU track and field thrower Ahmed Hassan has dreamed of becoming an elite athlete since he began training at the age of 15. Reporter Omar Soussi tells the story of Hassan's and how he kept his dream alive while living through Egypt's anti-government protests in 2011.

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The editorial board plans the perfect Arizona spring break

Photo by Becca Petersen | The State Press

Spring break is finally just a few weeks away. If you can't afford to travel out of state for that week, the State Press editorial board has the perfect guide for you to plan your "staycation."

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Behind the scenes of a campus prankster

Photo by Elena Landes | The State Press

Dawson Gurley, better known as YouTube personality and "prankster," BigDawsTV, has been filming on ASU's Tempe campus since 2012. Since then, he has amassed 1.5 million subscribers and 170,500,000 views. State Press Magazine reporter Lindsay Hahn caught up with the YouTube star and learned more about how he got his start and why this Kansas City native wound up at ASU.

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