Hoverboards lose momentum after University bans them across campuses

ASU plans to put out the preemptive fire by banning hoverboards.

Last but not least, ASU joined other state universities on March 23, adding restrictions against the highly touted hoverboard.

The product that was "too hot to handle" is now being banned from University grounds because of fire safety issues, ASU Police Department spokesperson Nicole Franks wrote in an email.

"In response (to) fire hazards associated with hoverboards, ASU prohibits the use of the device university-wide starting March 23, 2016," Franks wrote. "Hoverboards will not be allowed on campus property or buildings to include residential halls on and off campus." 

In late January, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Elliot F. Kaye released a statement regarding safety concerns of hoverboards and their status as fire hazards. The stance caused a domino effect bringing forth widespread bans of hoverboards on college campuses nationwide. 

In January, UA restricted the self-balancing board from dorms but still allowed students to use them throughout other parts of the campus. Grand Canyon University went even further by placing an all-out ban. 

While top Arizona universities reacted quickly to Kaye's January statement regarding hoverboards, ASU remained neutral on the matter, until late March. 

Although hoverboards were selling anywhere from $300 to $500 dollars, campus fines can now cost students even more money.

According to ASU's Police Department Manual hoverboards are now listed as a level 2 violation, which can cost you anywhere from $30-$60 dollars if you're using the prohibited product.

"I guess it's a little overkill," business sustainability senior Garrett Orn said. He added, "I didn't really think we had a hoverboard issue." 

Although this ban may come as a slight surprise to few, Orn said he feels like the University is trying to limit the liability with the hoverboard. 

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