The MVP of your life is you

It’s important that you know you’re important.

Bear with my dramatics for a minute.

Have you ever felt stuck? You have this head full of hopes and dreams and wants and wishes, but you feel like you’re peddling and your bike isn’t moving forward? If so, you should probably get your bicycle looked at, but you should also incorporate some fresh, fearless change into your life.

I am a 20-year-old sophomore, and I have had the same job as a front desk attendant at a fitness club since my senior year in high school. Honestly, I stayed there because it was safe, comfortable and easy. I kept telling myself the best decision I could make was to stay there since it was flexible and paid well.

But I constantly felt restless.

I consistently had this feeling that I could be doing something else that I was more passionate about and that would bring me greater happiness.

So, I quit.

I told myself that I have the rest of my life to work, but right now it’s time to enjoy how I spend my time because the money I receive from my job should not control my happiness.

Maybe you are reading this and you’re thinking, “OK, you quit your job. So what?”

Venturing beyond that comfort zone is one of the most important lessons I have learned in life so far. Quitting that job has instilled the fear that Chandler once described to Rachel in "Friends." Without that fear to push you forward, you will never have that motivation it takes to incite change in your life.

Take a leap of faith in yourself to do something different.

Changes don’t have to be huge, they just have to alter the way you normally live your life, preferably, in a positive way.

If change isn't incorporated, then everything remains static, and that makes for an incredibly boring and repetitive life. No one wants to look back on their life with a collection of what ifs.

That grudge you’re holding? Forgive them. Forgive all of your "thems." The restaurant you’ve never tried? Grab your crush or best friend and go eat out. That class that always looked interesting, but doesn’t fit into your major map? Take it. The job that isn’t fulfilling to you anymore and you want to quit? Be like Shia, and just do it.


I put time into myself and validated my wants.

I quit making excuses of why I couldn't make changes in my life. I got my bike fixed, and I peddled my heart out because my happiness and fulfillment are the worthiest of all causes to invest my time in.

Yours is, too.

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