TUF show features four bands for a loud kick-off to spring break

If you haven't heard of The Underground Foundation, then it's time to get your head out of the clouds and down to the house show this Sunday to kick off spring break with a beat. 

TUF event coordinator Kirsten Webber said TUF's focus for its upcoming show is to be on all inclusive set and to provide a new and exciting experience for every event.

"All the bands are very loud which is a direct contrast to the last show we booked which was acoustic and featured local artists and poets," Webber said. "The show will be heavy and will hopefully amp everyone up on a Sunday night. We have three local bands on the bill as well as one touring band from L.A. We really hope that the large range of the types of artists that we book will draw new people who have different tastes."

All four bands are said to definitely please people of all different backgrounds. 


The four-member group of guys are not only new to the TUF scene but will be performing its first house show together on Sunday. The band states that it will be loud as hell and only bring its best. The band is going to play everything that it has and the members are to give it their all. 

Guitarist Dylan Thomas said that even though every member in the group is in their 30s, they can still play music that the college demographic can get into. 

"We always want to play to kids, we were all kids once," Thomas said. "We just want to make some noise, have fun and we're stoked to play to some new people."

Withered Bones

Phoenix band Withered Bones is set to bring passive aggressive hardcore. According to its Facebook page, the band has a story to tell and they are also available to listen to what its audience has to say because they want to learn and do what they love. Bass player Peter Caswell said he thinks students should accept their invite and come check out the band because the music discusses many of the problems that students encounter.

“The subject matter of our songs come from personal situations such as suicide and alcoholism," Caswell said. "We are a band (where) love is above everything.”

Justus Proffit

As the group makes its way to Los Angeles, it will make a stop in Tempe just for the sake of playing a house show with fellow bands. It is essentially the reason the show is happening since they reached out to James Band and asked what it would take to come back and perform for a night. The band toys with electronic sounds and harmonic melodies to create a sonic background for his personal lyrics. 

James Band

Drummer Nate Ray said he is excited for the lineup, including the chance for his band to play. He said he would call the show punk rock but doesn't want to categorize it into just one thing — it will feel like so much more. The same could be said of his band, which he feels is all over the place. However, new listeners can get a mix of indie and punk in one sitting. 

"We are still refining our sound," Ray said. "If you're a fan of music and you want a more wide environment and poor, it's only five bucks so come out. i don't see why anyone wouldn't have a good time unless they are stuck up — just kidding."

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