Human Campaign: An endorsement for DeGravina

Two members of The Human Campaign explain why they're voting DeGravina.

The authors of this letter to the editor, Grady Eldridge and Kevin McCawley, are members of The Human Campaign, which dropped its candidacy from Tempe USG executive elections last week.

Hello, and congrats! You’ve found your way to some good stuff right here. Maybe your friend shared it on Facebook; maybe you’re just another avid State Press reader? Maybe you were just in the mood for some drama, and have found that USG elections are a good place to get your daily dose? Let’s talk about this drama.

The current state of the Tempe USG election is a run-off. DeGravina vs. Bishop.

I'm sure you’re deeply invested in this election (along with the other 10 percent of campus who voted). But on the slight chance that you aren’t, here’s the deal: This election needs to end in a DeGravina win.

We're writing this as students, to students, who, like us a few months ago had no idea what was going on with all the flamboyant campaigning.

Aundrea DeGravina is the only person we should put in power for one real big reason: She isn’t a phony.

Think about the last group project you were a part of. When you were scouting your team … what was the biggest thing you looked for?

Maybe you wanted someone who is experienced: Good news, Aundrea has that. She is a veteran of USG, and knows it like the back of her hand.

Maybe you wanted someone who is a back-to-back champion at brainstorming awesome ideas — more great news. DeGravina has innovation on lock. Her ticket's platform is full of great ideas, with the most potential to come to fruition and the most room for innovation and improvement.

But what you probably really want is someone who isn’t full of s--t. Someone who is a straight shooter. Someone who won’t beat around the bush and be a total politician with you as you’re trying to have a human conversation.

Although the Bishop and DeGravina tickets are almost equally capable to handle the position, the DeGravina ticket is the only one who you would want to work with in your group project.

Let me tell you right now: The DeGravina ticket is going to be real with you. The DeGravina ticket isn’t making empty promises about longer recesses and field trips every week. The DeGravina ticket won’t just recite some scripted bulls--t that won’t happen just so that they can take the fruits of your vote, plop them into a political juicer, and then leave you as a useless, unrepresented pulp while they sip the juice for their resume.

Don’t let yourself be represented by smoke and mirrors, folks. Choose what’s real. Choose what’s good. Choose DeGravina.

Editor’s note: The opinions presented in this column are the author’s and do not imply any endorsement from The State Press or its editors.

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