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The political gridiron: Clinton vs. Trump is just like Sun Devil Football

Ready, set, hike! Here's how I think ASU football reflects the presidential race

Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, face-off head-to-head. Illustration drawn on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016.

Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, face-off head-to-head. Illustration drawn on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016.

This presidential election is starting to look a little familiar. Perhaps we've seen a competition like this before a bit closer to home.

That's right, I'm talking about ASU football. Our games against Texas Tech and Cal are clearly representative of how this election has played out and where it is going.

Now, I won't label candidates to teams because we don't know who will win yet, but the way those two games played out are just like how this race has and will also play out.

Those who were at Sun Devil Stadium or watched on television remember that we defeated Texas Tech 68-55 on Sep. 10 and Cal 51-41 on Sep. 24.

And, subsequently, those who follow the election polls have noticed that the lead has shifted several times, in the same shoot-out fashion the ASU games have been.

I believe that, just like those games, whichever candidate makes less mistakes in the debates and on the campaign trail will have a substantially better chance of winning.

However, just like in both football games, whoever has possession last (or dominates the news cycle positively) will win on Election Day.

"Both candidates want to play to their strengths," Arizona state Senator Andrew Sherwood (D-Tempe) said. "But at the same time both will develop their opponent's weaknesses."

As shown in the first debate Monday night, Trump attempted to expose the faults of Clinton's defense, just like Texas Tech and Cal did in the first half of the games against ASU by scoring almost 30 points each.

iBut, Clinton returned strong and tactful, using the hard hitting offense of Trump to counter and 'turnover' certain points in her favor. That's exactly how ASU used key interceptions to win against their opponents.

Like I said before, I can't label candidates to teams. When you look at the big picture anything can still happen, just like those two games could have gone either way as well.

Everything taken into consideration, I would have to say we have reached the fourth quarter of this election. The debates will be the most meaningful drives for each campaign to score points with voters and take advantage of each other's mistakes.

The weeks following up to Election Day will determine who gets the final drive and whether or not they'll make it count when it matters.

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