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As this crazy year comes closer and closer to ending, some might be breathing sighs of relief and some, like me, might be savoring every last minute.

Let's be honest, there have been some pretty nasty political events that have unfolded over the course of the year, but they've allowed for some pretty hysterical laughs, too.

Saturday Night Live and all the late night talk shows feasted off the material Donald Trump gave them alone, not to mention the bountiful harvest they got from the rest of the campaign season.

I think it's time for us to look back on this political year and be able to laugh.

"SNL and late night talk shows are really an extension of the American people's voice," sophomore nursing major Mea Valli-Doherty said. "Shows like SNL are simply people responding to the past election and the actions of those public figures."

For those of you who want to mope about it, four years will go by fast (trust me, he won't get a second term).

If this past Thanksgiving wasn't entertaining enough at your family dinner table, don't worry, we've still got four more to make up for it.

I think this year was a blessing in disguise for us as a nation. We can look back and see what we're really made of, but then we can laugh and shake off the bad while embracing the good.

"I think (SNL and late night talk shows) bring some light to certain viewpoints," sophomore journalism major Matthew O'Donnell said. "I understand they are making fun, but sometimes an event has been just as ridiculous as they make it sound."

Especially this year, we need to take time and reflect. Laughing at the past is the best way to move forward and be prepared for what comes next. Hell, laughing even helps you live longer.


So, if you want to add some years to your life, just turn around and start laughing at what a wild and crazy year 2016 has been politically.

I mean, it can only get better from here on out, right? Right?

You never know, 2017 may prove to be even more hysterical than now.

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