Open Mic Night encourages students to shed their fears

Students gather in Burning B Cafe to show off talent for Open Mic Night

Every month, ASU students gather around to support their peers performing at open mic night in Burning B Cafe. Barrett, the Honors College hosts the Open Mic Night inside of the Barrett dorms, giving students a chance to conquer their fears of performing all while showcasing their skills to the crowd.

Barrett keeps the Burning B cafe open a couple of hours later than usual and offers a variety of coffee, teas and other beverages solely for the event every month.

Even though the cafe is located inside of the Barrett dorms, students are free to bring friends who don't attend Barrett along to perform as well.

Cassie Rehwalt, a speech and hearing sciences sophomore, who is also a barista at the café said that this is not a usual event for Barrett students.

“It’s different, you don’t get a lot of opportunities like this,” Rehwalt said.

She also added that Open Mic Night is a way to give students a break from their school work and brings people together to hangout and talk.

“We get really excited, us coworkers,” Rehwalt said.

Samuel Lear, a creative writing freshman, said that the event not only gave him a chance to perform in front of his peers, but gave him a chance to relax.

“For me, it (performing) is a therapeutic activity,” said Lear. “ It makes my mind clear.”

Lear said that the atmosphere at open mic nights is very accepting and that people are very understanding about mistakes during performances. He said that everyone is very positive and is there to have fun.

“Out here, you can go for whatever you want,” said Lear. “Nobody cares in a positive way.”

Students at the event can sing, play instruments and perform in any way they want to express themselves.

Nicolle Mathews, a computer science sophomore, said the best advice she can give to students who want to participate in events like open mic night, but are too scared to be in front of a crowd is to simply try it once.

“I know how terrifying it (performing) is, but once you do it once, you realize how amazing it can be,” Mathews said.

Mathews, who has been singing for five years, added that she is normally a timid person and performing her music in front of other people has helped her come out of her shell more.

“I do not know a lot of people and this (Open Mic Night) helps me meet other people who share similar interests,” Mathews said.

Mathews also mentioned how music can bring people together and connect, no matter what song it is.

“You can pick any song and we can all connect to it,” Mathews said. “That’s an amazing power that music has."

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