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A poem of self-reflection: A Moonlight Beginning

Reporter Lurissa Carbajal shares a personal poem

Reflective poem graphic

A poem of self-reflection: A Moonlight Beginning

Reporter Lurissa Carbajal shares a personal poem

A Moonlight Beginning

The reflection on the ground is not one of a person

All the dreams are only sad stories

The closer we get, the less distance needed, the more pain that arises

Love, anxiety, tears, fear, happiness, radiance, and worries all transform the reflection of a person into an unrecognizable mirror image.

An unrecognizable figure.

Waking up from sleep, there was nothing, only emptiness.

A dark canvas surrounded by white sparkling specks.

The night is not exactly over, as a pitch black sky illuminated by stars.

Dashes of light dash across, creating scattered specks of blinding white to appear.

Black, white, grey, and blue paint a lonely picture of a wish.

By starlight, it’s such a beautiful sight

By daylight, a painful, remorseful sight

"Don’t go far even though it’s hurting me"

Were the only words that echoed through the leaves

Rusting and sticking to the branches

Thoughts that were like a bittersweet poison

Ash grey smoke lingers in the sweet aroma of fallen lily petals, suffocating the oxygen from any living creature

A palette of warm orange, caressing yellows, playful pinks, and passionate red

Are soon overpowered by the melancholy brought by an ocean of blues, conflicting greys, death-filled black, and pure white.

A wave of emotions devouring a sea of logic

A similar approach of everyday drama or trauma.

Issues of interest creating chaos

Conflicting viewpoints poison relationship

Mistrust stabbing networking

Lies disabling progress

Fear distorting stability

In the end, the utopia written in words, turns to a constructed dystopia written in the blood, sweat and tears of others.

A voice is give, but many cannot be heard

Instead of a painted canvas of harmonious colors scattered and intertwined dots, a image was split in half, vibrant colors segregated against the monochromatic shades.

A story of love dwindle to a storm of murder.

Beige pages and cursive letters burned in an enraging inferno, bright orange and reds danced on the page as the color thoughts and ideas fluttered and disappeared into the thin air

Leaving behind a thick poisoning cloud hugging the sky

Depriving objectivity and life

Standing dead, stories of suffering are replaced by fairy tales

Distorting the reflection even further

Nothing is human

Instead, it’s a monster in human skin

Or is it a human in monster skin?

Voices of the unreliable, cries of the misunderstood echo mercilessly throughout the empty field.

It was our choice

Should the truth be pursued in favor of the safer alternative?

Should the voices of the mentally ill or homeless or the less educated or the wrongfully accused be silenced for our own?

A choice that transforms both a life and a community

But it is faced everyday

In every second, in every minute

In every continent of the world

One is given a choice

Making difficult decisions which results in a big sacrifice.

Choosing between friends, supporters self-proclaimed happiness over a dreadful failure

People are always trying to move on to something better but forgetting about the worst

Like a blank canvas being painted for the first time.

In life we're all just trying to fulfill our purposes and live out our dreams, right or are we trying to lessen the pain of others?

Change or safety?

Or is it a constant battle between heart vs brain?

Passion against reason and Logic

In the end will our wings get wet from the dripping raindrops?

Or will they remain uncharred and white?

A reflection representing a hidden image

What will be staring back?

An angel? A Demon? A Human?

Or something in between?

One can only stare and observe

As the reflection morphs with time.

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