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Anxious College Girl: You Can Be Happy

Maya Foxall addresses attaining happiness after depression


Anxious College Girl: You Can Be Happy

Maya Foxall addresses attaining happiness after depression

Depression is not something a lot of people like to talk about, yet it seems so common in our generation today.

The issue with this is the common use of the word and the lack of knowledge of the meaning. Depression is not just being sad during the day, but for long periods of time.

The dictionary definition is "feelings of severe despondency and dejection." What also seems to be commonly unknown about depression is that it tends to not go away. It is not something that is completely gone, but it fades over time and may come back.

I have many friends who have been treated for depression in high school and throughout college, which is something I wish that nobody ever had to go through.

Whether it be talking to therapists, talking to family members, or dealing with it themselves, depression is not easy to handle. 

It does not go away over night.

In a culture where depression and other mental illness terms get thrown around in casual conversation, educating ourselves in the struggles that depression cause may make us more sympathetic to those who are suffering.

Please know that if you are feeling depressed and alone, talking to somebody does help. Even just getting those words out there lifts a weight off your shoulders that you weren't expecting.

Be safe, and be your best self. It can be difficult, but no matter how far off it seems, you can attain happiness.


An Anxious College Girl

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