Radio Play: This Is Not a Podcast: "The Great Sharknado Debate"

A fictional radio play about attempting to make a podcast requires recording the right audio

Editor's note: this podcast was originally published with with the wrong episode file. It has since been updated. 

After deciding he wants to create a podcast, Brent consults his friend’s roommate, Todd, about helping him. Though he initially hesitates, they eventually find themselves working together to create one, but unbeknownst to either of them, their entire conversation spent planning the podcast is all that is ever recorded. Though Brent and Todd's podcast has no real content, the world around them will change slowly as new characters are introduced and existing arcs take surprising turns in this fictional storyline produced for State Press Magazine.

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Editor's Note: The narrative in this podcast is created as fiction. The opinions represented are not necessarily those of The State Press.

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