Politically-motivated students should get involved in the 2018 Senate race

ASU students need to fight complacency in Arizona's upcoming Senate election

It is crucial for college students to understand the significance of getting involved with a 2018 Arizona Senate campaign.

Instead of being complacent, students should take action to ensure the best candidate is elected so that their views are nationally represented for years to come. This will encourage proactive participation among students in the policies that impact them. 

Campaigns view the ASU student body as a jackpot for driven and energetic campaign workers. As students are becoming more interested in the political process, they should use the upcoming Senate campaign as an opportunity to turn their perspectives into initiatives. 

Tempe is also a prime location for campaign work, considering its close proximity to the State Capitol and several campaign headquarters

"Now is not the time to withdraw from the political process, but really become more engaged," Zachery Henry, press assistant for Kelli Ward's Senate campaign, said. "I think this is a perfect opportunity for students to learn about our country’s political process and help get the best candidate elected." 

Students can gain valuable experience from working closely on a senate campaign, especially during the current political climate. Even those who were not previously interested in politics have become politically motivated by the current presidency

Whether it’s the motivation to fight the Trump administration or to continue draining Washington, D.C.'s swamp, students are incredibly passionate about invoking political change

"We are at a very polarizing point in our nation’s history where you are not really allowed to find a safe spot in the grey area of politics. It is really kind of black and white, or red and blue now," Henry said.

While the current political climate may exhaust students, the 2018 Senate election will allow students to stay engaged and active without being overwhelmed or becoming desensitized to political action. 

It is quite rare for a senator to step down after the first term. Since Sen. Jeff Flake has decided not to run for a second term, students should take advantage of promoting a candidate who aligns with their values and beliefs. 

Students must understand the importance of this open seat. Although Sen. Flake is stepping down, Sen. John McCain has experienced a political career spanning more than 30 years. 

It is quite possible for this new senator to make a career out of their position, just as Sen. McCain has done. ASU students should recognize the importance of this and fight to fill that seat with someone who will adhere to the demands of college students. 

Students belong to a demographic that is often under-represented in politics due to low voter turnout. The election is an opportunity for student to engage their peers and help promote voter turnout. 

Simply sitting back and watching PACs control this election would be a disservice to the Democratic political process. Students who choose not to contribute to this election process have invalidated their frustration over the results.

It is possible that this candidate will make a career out of his or her time in the Senate, so students should advocate for the candidate that they believe will sufficiently represent their constituents. 

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