Anxious College Girl: The importance of speaking out

SPM blogger Maya Foxall discusses the importance of sharing her struggles with anxiety

Hi all,

Recently, I have received some backlash for being so open about my anxiety both in my everyday life and through my personal blog.

Whether it be from people in the community or from my close peers, I have heard that I am too open about my struggles or that I am brave, but should stay quiet. It is really troublesome that people can be so opposed to learning about the experiences of others that we must make their feelings and experiences seem invalid.

No matter how much support I have from my friends and family, I know that my voice is sometimes not welcome. Although people hear me and offer positive feedback, the lack of open mindedness from others proves, in my opinion, no matter how loud my voice is I will still be too open about my struggles for some.

Luckily, and this was not always how I felt, I have come to terms with this. I have remembered the reasons I pitched this blog a few months ago. Despite these criticisms, discussing my anxiety is still important to me.

I want to share my voice and my experiences from my perspective. I did not write this to be filtered and shunned. I respect that everyone has their opinions, but I have learned from both my anxiety and this blog that my opinion is what I should care about when I write.

An Anxious College Girl

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