The Forks Estate: How the opioid crisis is affecting Arizona

New legislation could help resolve the opioid crisis in Arizona

In this podcast, Cassandra Laubach discusses how the opioid crisis is affecting people who live in Arizona with State Press politics editors Andrew Nicla and Fortesa Latifi. 

Currently, about two people die everyday in Arizona from opioid overdoses. Governor Ducey has recently brought out new legislation to help combat this crisis. The new legislation puts more money toward helping those who are uninsured or underinsured. It also includes a new Good Samaritan law which will not get those who possess opioids in trouble for calling the police if someone overdoses. However, critics are saying that this does not go far enough because those who are on probation are not covered under the Good Samaritan law. 

The new policy also affects how doctors can prescribe opioids. Now, prescriptions can only last for five days. Some critics are disappointed that a clean needles exchange was not included in the bill to help protect people from diseases that they can get from using unclean needles. There is hope, however, as this new legislation is a major step in the direction toward helping those with addiction. 

If you or anyone you know is dealing with opioid addiction, ASU has resources that can help:

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