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Video: Assistant lacrosse coach gets taste of college coaching after storied career

Former NLL player and Arizona youth coach Ben Prepchuk takes on the ASU lacrosse team

ASU Lacrosse

ASU assistant coach Ben Prepchuck watches the players as they practice on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, in Tempe, Arizona.

ASU lacrosse assistant coach Ben Prepchuk joins the ASU staff after playing professionally and coaching at the youth level in Arizona.

Chris Gleason - Reporter: 

ASU’s club lacrosse team is eight games into its first season under new head coach Todd MacRobbie. While he’s already been an assistant coach with the program for six years, his replacement, Ben Prepchuk, is coaching at the college level for the first time.

Ben Prepchuk - Assistant lacrosse coach:

It's nice to be able to come into practice and be able to go out there and execute the "x's" and "o's," and all your players can pass and catch versus at the youth level (where) you're still working on a lot of stick skills and teaching your kids to pass and catch and stuff.

Chris Gleason - Reporter:

The team has hit a skid after winning three of its first four, now having lost four consecutive games all by one goal. Despite the rough patch, Prepchuk seems to be enjoying his new gig at a higher level

Ben Prepchuk - Assistant lacrosse coach:

I think the players respect what I've done and where I've been, so when I say something to a player, hopefully they respect and understand that 'hey this guy knows what he's talking about.'

Chris Gleason - Reporter:

Prepchuk is no stranger to the game, as he was drafted third overall in the National Lacrosse League entry draft in 2000. He was fourth in the country in goals that season, playing for Radford University in Virginia, and went on to score 132 goals in 99 games as a pro.

Ben Prepchuk - Assistant lacrosse coach:

I know what it takes to have success. I've won national championships in the professional level and Canadian national championships, so I know from a team aspect and individually what it takes to achieve those goals.

Chris Gleason - Reporter:

Prepchuk also noted the challenges that come with playing college lacrosse, speaking from his experience as a player and now a coach.

Ben Prepchuk - Assistant lacrosse coach:

You're together with these guys all the time – we're out here every day for two-and-a-half, three hours putting in the work, so I think from the training aspect, it's a lot more rigorous at the college level than it is in the professional ranks right now just because they're not playing. They're not practicing every day at the pros – it's just not there yet.

Reporting for state press, I’m Chris Gleason. 

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