B-Sides: Still Woozy

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Who he is:

Sven Gamsky is the Oakland native behind Still Woozy. Not too long ago, Gamsky was in a math rock band, but it was lacking the emotional depth he longed for. When he stepped away from the technical band, he started to create his own sound, summarized as basically coming down from an acid trip.

Gamsky’s discography is small, but his released singles are addictive and dreamy. His alternative sound is spacey, warm and extremely easy to listen to. 

He uses a mix of electronic and acoustic music, so the sound feels more alive. Gamsky believes this mix helps the music become more intimate to listeners. 

Gamsky is known for uploading his music hours after he completes his songs. 

Popular/New Songs:

Still Woozy has 5 funky singles on Spotify at the moment. 

"Lucy," his latest track, makes you want to move. This track features Nigerian-Canadian rapper ODIE, and he brings a different, cool vibe to this song. Every time I hear Woozy’s voice speed up and sing the line “Is there something supernatural fucking with you?” it knocks me out. He mixes up the pitch of his vocals throughout this track, which brings a fun mix between the vocal elements and electronic musical elements. 

"Goodie Bag" is his most streamed song at the moment on Spotify. The beginning of the song starts with Woozy singing high in the register, with a hint of lo-fi vocal effects. This is one of Woozy's most upbeat song, despite the message being about a relationship that's falling apart. He uses experimental sounds in this track that makes it undeniably catchy. 

"Cooks" is Woozy’s chillest track to date. The vocals are very calm and contrast the electronic, higher-pitched elements of the song. The lyrics are flowing with confused thoughts, making the message and lazy vocals seem like you're in a daze. The way Woozy’s vocals flow over electronic beats from each word in the line “I feel like I'm eighty and confused without my pants” reflects the “wooz,” Woozy’s unique sound, very well.

"Vacation" is a jazzy, electronic track, especially in the beginning. This song reflects a nice marriage between electronic and acoustic sounds. Woozy’s vocals in this song are velvety and addictive. Woozy uses high-pitched vocal effects on his voice, a nice effect to this smooth track. Woozy sings high in the register in the chorus, over busy electronic sounds. The synthesizer used in this track brings a nice energy to this slower-jam. This song is what I think of when Woozy talks about his music sounding like you’re coming down from an acid trip. 

Favorite Song:

"Wolfcat" has a low-key sound, that echoes a falling-into-place and falling-into-love feeling. The thing that I adore so much about this track is how gentle and comforting the chorus is. In his high, harmonic tone, Woozy sings “Do you miss me, too? / Wish you were in my room / I just can't shake this off, I will try.” This is his most simple track, but the innocent lyrics and sweet sound makes this song unforgettable. 


Still Woozy creates cozy music that is incredibly catchy. Though he is a relatively new artist, his natural flowing alternative groove proves him one to watch out for in 2018. 

Upcoming shows:

Still Woozy

Thursday, July 5

Valley Bar, Phoenix

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