B-Sides: Boy Pablo

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Who he is:

Norwegian indie-pop/rock act Boy Pablo is energetic, charming and downright adorable. Nicolas Pablo Muñoz is the frontman of the group, recording and producing most of the music, and is currently on tour with some former classmates and friends who make up the other members of the group. 

Boy Pablo is extremely up-and-coming and have been getting more and more recognition as time passes, especially with the growing views of their music video for popular hit "Everytime." 

The group dropped Roy Pablo, their first EP, which consisted of six tracks overflowing with assorted sounds of lightheartedness and dread in 2017 and are just getting started. 

Popular/ New Songs:

“Everytime” is Boy Pablo’s most popular song on Spotify at the moment, towering over their other songs popularity-wise. This breakout single is about a girl who can’t seem to get the attention of the person she's enamoured with. This beachy-pop track is upbeat, yet lonesome. The video for this track caught a lot of attention on Youtube, with over 10 million views on the platform. The video features a calm looking Muñoz clad in a pink hoodie and black sport shorts. This lo-fi video features all members of the band and pleasantly shows that they don't take themselves too seriously.

“ur phone” is a slower track about young love. This song is very adolescent, overflowing with lyrics of hesitance and a fumbling lack of experience and confidence in the romance area, this shows through lines such a, “Cause I really want to be with you / But I've never had the courage / To ask you to be with me / But trust me, I'm gonna step up my game." This track takes you back at a time of first crushes and awkward feelings of what might be lust. This track has a catchy hook and is filled with ringing, classic indie pop/rock guitar sounds. 

“Flowers” was the first song Boy Pablo released. The lyrics in this track are dark and dreary, but is a beautiful ode to a passing presence in one's life, which is up for interpretation. This nostalgic number is paired with blunt guitar sounds and light drums. The verses hang sort of gloomy, while the hook seems a bit more positive, which makes this track still somewhat light sounding, despite the melancholic lyrics. My favorite lines are: "We won't forget you now / 'Cause you'll be right back / Here again, here again with us / We can't wait to see the flowers". 

Favorite Song:

“Dance, Baby!” is a bedroom pop/rock cheerful track that makes you want to get up and dance with your friends ... or alone in your room. The guitar in this number has that classic, wavy indie pop sound and the chorus is infectious, vibrant and exciting. This track is a nice, light mixup compared to the group's other slower tracks. This sound radiates upbeat summer / surfer-esque energy, while the lyrics are a bit less ecstatic, portraying the frustration of wanting to be with someone, but that person is with another guy who is just such a "douchebag." 


Boy Pablo's discography is sometimes melodramatic, sometimes carefree, with odes to being a young person trying to get through life. 

Upcoming shows:

No upcoming shows.

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