Video: ASU football vs. Oregon State recap

Arizona State football defeated the Oregon State Beavers 52-24

Arizona State Football faced off against Oregon State on Sept. 29. They defeated the Oregon State Beavers 52-24. Sophomore running back Eno Benjamin rushes for over 300 yards and is the first to do this in ASU history.


Eno Benjamin: It was a great feeling, but honestly you had a game plan. You knew we were going to be able to run the ball on them, and we went through practice. We executed. If you saw the way we practice this week, you would have known it was going to happen. And that's just a testament to offer to.....

Manny Wilkins:  Details, little things that make the difference in football games like owning the football. Little things like quarterbacks making the the correct read, receivers run in the right route at the right depth. You can't on the road give the opposing team any gifts. You can't, you know, say "Here you go. Here's an opportunity for you guys." But when they give us opportunities, we have to capitalize. And that's the biggest thing is we just when we get the ball back, defense gets the ball back, we have to capitalize on those and put points on the board and get momentum just start rolling, and that's all it is. You gotta start fast, and, you know, we can't wait till the third quarter to get rolled, and we gotta start rolling in the first quarter, especially against a team like Colorado. They're gonna go fast.

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