From annoying to downright scary: ASU students share their roommate horror stories

The State Press asked students to share their weirdest roommate stories

With summer only a couple months away, students are already mentally checking out. But for some students, check-out day cannot come soon enough.

The stories shared by students about their not-so-dear past roommates range from annoyingly weird to downright terrifying.

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The State Press asked students across ASU for their wildest and most horrifying roommate stories. Their responses have been edited for clarity and length.

Walt Disney's appearance in the dorms

"This one day, my roommate came home after she had been texting me all day saying she had a surprise. We had separate rooms and just shared the common room, so I was in my room with my door closed and she knocked on my door and loudly said ‘Syd, I have a surprise, come look!’ 

So I come out and go into her room and she’s holding a literal mouse and a cage. 

She’s like, ‘Meet Walt! He’s our new mouse!’ She literally bought a mouse and didn’t tell me about it. 

Then, the next day she comes home with another mouse. 

She’s like, ‘Look! This is Minnie!’ This time she had this whole play pen thing for a guinea pig. 

That night, I was home alone because she had left to stay at a hotel with her parents who were in town. I was sitting at my desk watching Netflix when I saw something moving in the corner of my eye. 

I didn’t pay attention to it at first, but then it happened again. So, jokingly, I went to check if the mice were ok, thinking they would be there, but they were missing. 

Excuse me, not missing — they were running around my room. My friend had to come over and we tore my room apart looking for and hunting down the mice. 

We spent maybe two hours trying to find them and then secured them in the cage. 

All the while, my roommate had no idea her mice were loose in my room and wouldn’t pick up her phone."

Sydney Attis, sophomore majoring in journalism and mass communication.

The ultimate barrier: blue tape

“She would be super threatening to me and my suitemates, who were my best friends. We all didn’t like her. 

One day, she told me she was a management major because she ‘likes to boss people around’ and told me ‘CeCe, if I was your boss, you’d be so afraid of me’ What? 

Another day, she told me and my roommates ‘If I come back and the A/C isn’t on, you guys are gonna be sorry.’ 

Another day, she came home and got really mad because my friend was sitting on her bed. The next day, I walked into my room and there was tape down the middle of the room all the way up to the ceiling.

So after the tape thing happened, me and my suitemates went to our CA and set up a meeting with my roommate to try to get her to move out and she completely refused. 

She said, ‘I don’t care if you guys hate me, I like my room,' and she also said, ‘I don’t let people make me do things. People like me make it on top.’

Basically, she’s psycho and we tried to get her to move out. We even found a completely vacant room for her but she refused, so I ended up moving into the empty room because I could not live with her another day.” 

CeCe Brockley, junior majoring in tourism development and management.

Dreaming big

"It was a random roommate situation where we had only met one time before moving in. She was a little weird and would have boys over all the time, but things weren’t too bad in the beginning.

One day, she told me that she didn’t like my boyfriend, so I tried to respect that and would hardly ever bring him over.

However, he once came over for 30 minutes and I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I put a movie on for us and she asked, ‘Do you have headphones?’  

I said I didn’t, not for the both of us. She then turned her volume up all the way on her computer. I asked her pretty nicely to turn it down, but all she said was, ‘Can you tell your ugly-a** boyfriend to leave?’ 

We continued getting into arguments and I tried asking her what I was doing wrong and how I could fix it, but she just insulted me and my boyfriend.

She was saying I was a horrible person, and everyone at my job hates me and all the things I was apparently doing wrong as a roommate.

So the argument kept going on, and this is word-for-word what she said, ‘I probably shouldn’t tell you this because it’s a little psychotic, but maybe I am psychotic. I literally had a dream that I slit your throat.’

This happened right before winter break but I didn't get to move out of my dorm until the beginning of February, so I was commuting from home which was a huge inconvenience.”

Alison Groth, freshman majoring in business entrepreneurship.

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