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These 4 columns will keep you updated and possibly alarm you

These columns include takes concerning the environment, health care and Trump


"Must read opinion columns for college students." Illustration published on Monday, Feb. 25, 2019.

Whether it be the future of health care or Trump’s daily comments, these opinion pieces are widespread on their coverage of issues facing different communities — all of which college students should keep an eye on. From white terrorism possibly being an effect of this administration to uncertainty still surrounding the recently approved drought plan, there is more than enough reason to stay in the loop.

Don’t Make Health Care a Purity Test |  By Paul Krugman 

There is so much controversy surrounding the future of health care and the practices encompassing possible solutions to the health care system, but making it a ‘purity test’ doesn’t seem like the best fix. Even though most students are a few years out of having the health care system directly impact them (and their own wallets), there should be alternative approaches to consider in the road to universal coverage. The future may be uncertain, but remaining within the conversation should be a priority. 

Arizona has more reason than most to celebrate this drought plan milestone | By Joanna Allhands

The recently passed drought plan has created some uncertainty, although there is still promise for it to be effective. The conversation doesn’t stop when a plan is passed — as it shouldn’t. Students (including those who aren’t from Arizona and don’t think this impacts them) and other members of the community must put pressure on further plans and increased action.

When Trump trashes McCain, this is why we better not look away | By Richard Cherwitz 

The Trump administration, specifically the president, has continued commenting on topics and public figures that they shouldn’t. This time, as with the ongoing McCain feud, may be too much. There have been countless editorials and coverage of the president’s tweets and other outlandish rhetoric — some even connecting his words to violent reactions. Maybe the answer is action.

As Cherwitz wrote, “If more elected leaders don't force Trump to stop preaching hate, by refusing to do business with him, approving an official censure or helping to vote him out, we can expect more of these cases of abuse.”

What Happens When Lawmakers Run Out of Abortion Restrictions to Pass | The New York Times Editorial Board

The possibility of further restrictions on abortions should be of concern to students whose abortion rights have already been restricted by the state of Arizona both in the accessibility of abortion clinics and intrusive questions required to be asked by health care professionals.

Heartbeat bills may be the next concerning step on the path to further restricting abortions — of the many steps that have already been taken. Even more, as the New York Times Editorial Board wrote, “A heartbeat bill might never go into effect, but if conservatives keep pushing increasingly extreme pieces of legislation, they might ultimately win the war by bringing about the demise of Roe. They’re certainly betting on it.”

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