ASU student rebrands vintage clothing brand to Valley and Co.

formerly Valley Girls, Abigail Spong renamed the growing business to be more inclusive

In 2018, journalism junior Abigail Spong started the vintage clothing company Valley Girl. As the company began to grow she decided that something had to change.

She decided to rebrand the company to Valley and Co. to be more inclusive and properly serve her clientele. 

“It’s now more a collective of unisex fashion in addition to homeware and vintage home decor," she said. “Instead of just being vintage, it’s now more of a lifestyle fashion brand that focuses on sustainability and only sourcing vintage that is eco-conscious.”

Spong said she is using the brand as a platform to talk about sustainability and fast fashion, adding that, “it’s a way to get us to think about how we view fashion and consuming in general."

Following the change, Spong is planning a public art show called the Canvas Collection to announce the rebranding as well as feature other local artists. The show will take on April 27 at {9} The Gallery and will include pop-ups and a music performance.

“I teamed up with a local artist and she is re-doing about 10 different vintage pieces, and we are turning vintage pieces into art, and we're providing each piece with a fast fashion fact,” Spong said. “There are people launching their brands for the first time at the art show since it's a super cool opportunity to get their foot in the door."

Spong said her inspiration for starting a small business came from her mom encouraging her to sell her extra clothes on Instagram and from her experience at ASU. 

“Being a student at ASU has really shown me that just because I’m 21, it doesn’t mean that I can’t do something big and bold,” she said. “I think ASU has been able to show me that being able to collaborate with people is a lot easier than it looks.”

Kohlii Chubb, a local artist known as bareface, has known Spong since high school is working with her on the show.

“It all started with being friends and having our group of friends being such a creative bunch, especially with photography and art," Chubb said.

Chubb said Spong’s rebranding has resulted in a more inclusive clothing business with something for everyone.

“Valley Girls was more of the styling of vintage buying and after a while, I followed her on Instagram and noticed it changed to Valley and Co.,” Chubb said. “She said she wanted to do better for her community and be able to provide more than what she originally started with.”

She said Spong wants to reach more kids who need support to spread their art. 

“She wants to gather her army and make sure others with her as well are able to share their art,” Chubb said. “The event is centered around art sharing and spreading the love of others’ art as well.”

With this event being her first gallery presentation, Chubb said it is a big shift from creating art for herself to displaying it to an audience.

“Abigail is helping me out publicating [sic] and helping me with my confidence with my art,” she said. “I’ve noticed a growth in seeing all of us and I’m very proud of us. I think this is an opening of gates for us.”

Gabriel Ortiz, also known as Trulove, is a local musician who has also been working with Spong for the event.

“I’m currently working on my own music for my setlist but I just finished helping bareface with some of their work that will be showcased at the show,” he said.

Ortiz said his music does not have a genre because he does not want to classify his music or limit himself artistically, but that he would describe it as a growth of his life and artistic career.

He said that his set-up at the show will be representative of the creative and artistic nature of the event as a whole.

“There is a little window at the front of the building and I would be displayed in it like a store mannequin,” Ortiz said. “I will have the stage set up there with scenery as well.”

Ortiz said that the event would not happen without Spong’s genius and creative vision.

“I'm super stoked to work with Valley and Co.,” Ortiz said. “Abigail (Spong) herself is a creative genius and she is very passionate about what she does, so I'm very enthusiastic about the show.”

He said the group has been talking about the art show as a concept for about a year, but more detailed ideas for the show were made in January.

“Since we do have such creative minds working on it, we do have a wide range of art going between the canvases, clothing, models themselves and music,” he said. “I expect it to be art flying around the entire building. Everywhere you turn, it’ll be something brand new.”

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