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Warpig's Video Transcription

[00:00:05] I don't think we should play this one.  [00:00:06][1.0]

[00:00:07] Okay.  [00:00:07][0.0]

[00:00:08] Let's do Everybody Likes You.  [00:00:09][1.0]

[00:00:10] All right.  [00:00:10][0.1]

[00:00:18] I've been involved in the Phoenix music scene about 14 years. I started going out to stuff when I was a teenager.  [00:00:25][7.2]

[00:00:26] I didn't really get to do all the things musically that I wanted in high school. I'd just go check out like art downtown, and because of that I, you know, ran into all of these different kinds of like venues spaces.  [00:00:38][12.0]

[00:00:39] There was a time where I was just going out to different places every night you know I felt bored. I wanted to be involved. I wanted to feel like life was exciting. I met so many people so fast.  [00:00:52][12.8]

[00:00:55] My biggest inspiration when it comes to like putting a band together would be someone like Willie Nelson. So it's like a folkie singer songwriter kind of thing, but it's also a rock and roll band. He really pioneered a lot of that. He's always been kind of an inspiration to me, or someone like Tom Petty. We're like Tom Petty with Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers. Basically it's rock and roll layered over, or under folk music. So I like to play with anyone that can keep up with the speed and intensity, and people that stylistically fit with like the message we're trying to convey. Usually we play as a full band because we play a lot of like dive bars, and smallish spaces so we can get really loud and really crazy. Most memorable shows we've played were in places we weren't suppose to be playing. [00:01:50][55.0]

[00:01:53] We are doing a lot more projects like close to the sleeve. We've been focusing more on the writing. We have an album that's written already and we're gonna send it out to radio stations.  [00:02:04][10.5]

[00:02:07] So definitely if you're a young person and you're trying to get involved in music here, the first place I would tell you to check out would be the Trunk Space. Hundreds of kids packed into like a multipurpose room of a church. Audiences can be just as energetic, if not more than the fans, because you got people from you know anywhere all walks of life. It's a really accessible kind of venue and that's a completely volunteer run organization.  [00:02:30][23.1]

[00:02:31] They do all ages shows all of their shows are all ages so they're accessible to pretty much anyone. And you'll see like touring bands from all over the world let alone all over the country.  [00:02:42][10.4]

[00:02:44] And there's always gonna be touring bands coming through here we're in between Colorado and California.  [00:02:49][4.7]

[00:02:50] So you'll get great bands playing here on like a Wednesday or Thursday. You never know where you're going to see.  [00:02:50][0.0]


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