Co-Star says my boyfriend and I shouldn’t be together

Will love ever work for a Gemini like me? Probably not, thanks Co-Star

According to Co-Star, my boyfriend and I are very incompatible — "You two live life at exceptionally different paces," the app says. 

Another site states "the relationship between Taurus and Gemini doesn’t give much promise to begin with."

I will admit to avidly following my horoscope, but I don't let it dictate my life. If my zodiac tells me to reconsider certain choices, I will reflect on it; but following my astrology app blindly is a dangerous game.

I am a Gemini, and my sign is often stereotyped as fake and insincere. So, if I only did what astrology apps like Co-Star told me to, I would miss out on a lot. I’d live in constant fear of messing up because my stars did not “align” with someone else.

My Taurus boyfriend exemplifies what it means to be one to a T — pun intended. He is devoted, practical and most importantly, stubborn.

Based on our zodiacs, my boyfriend and I shouldn't be together, and when comparing our birth charts, compatibility is not in our favor. We are vastly different, but in our case, those are the areas where it works best.  

Astrology apps are all fun and games until they tell you to break up with your boyfriend. 

An app can't know who you are and cannot pin-point your feelings at any given point, so how can you expect it to decide your love life for you?

Relationships are what you make of them. In order for them to work, you might actually have to meet people, including the ones who are not compatible with your sign — as terrifying as it may seem. 

My Venus is in Gemini and his is in Aries. This says I’m timid and discreet with crushes, while my boyfriend is the complete opposite, being direct and enthusiastic.

My boyfriend was the one to ask me out on a proper date. For a while, I knew he had a crush on me, but I never said anything because I was afraid to be wrong. 

Had my boyfriend not made the first move, I don’t know where we would stand, and to this day, he is still forward with his feelings.

Co-Star says communication is a critical part of a relationship between a Gemini and Taurus. And for my boyfriend and I, communication is our most “incompatible area.”

Co-Star got it right when they said “sighing is a favored mode of communication” for me and when they said my boyfriend is impatient — he can barely wait two seconds for his food order. But I don’t agree that “it’s challenging to understand how each other thinks.” 

The app definitely got it wrong in saying we frequently argue, and he’s never raised his voice at me, though it claims his Mercury makes him likely to yell.

My boyfriend and I communicate very well, and we both know it's best to not keep your emotions trapped inside because that only makes the situation worse.

Ultimately, we take the good and the bad of our zodiac signs and find a way to make it work. We may mismatch, but these flaws make us impractically perfect.

So many people have become obsessed with the idea that zodiac compatibility is the end all be all for relationships, but this is far from the truth. The outcome of a relationship is based on actual interaction, not an app based on algorithmic fortunes.

If you want to find an explanation for something, zodiac apps can help provide a reason. In the past, Co-Star has given me advice on topics like self-improvement and creativity — but it can't run your whole life. 

In order to live life to the fullest, you have to go out and experience it on your own. Life is all about the choices you make. 

So if you let an app reign supreme, you are going to watch life pass you by. By meticulously following an astrology app’s orders, you give up your freedom to choose and decide how your story will end.

Forcing yourself to “attach meaning to the world” won’t curb your frustrations of the unknown. Releasing your “imaginary future” won’t help combat your feelings of isolation. 

Staying away from an incompatible sign won’t prevent heartbreak — it will only hold you back from meeting potential suitors.

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