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I ranked all 15 Bratz movies from worst to best

From strutting the runways of Paris to saving Christmas as toddlers, the Bratz movies will take you on a journey


"Which one's your favorite?" Illustration published on Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019.

15.  "Bratz Babyz Save Christmas" (Animation)

The year: 2008

The plot: On Christmas Eve, the babies head to the mall with their grandmother when they find out Santa won’t be delivering Christmas presents that year. So naturally, it’s up to the Bratz to save the holiday season.

The best part: The girls imply they’re not actually babies when they say, “We’ve had Christmases at home for years and years. Ever since we were two.”

How old are these babies?

Why you should watch it: Honestly, maybe we skip this one. Nobody asked for a "Bratz Babyz Save Christmas" special.


14. "Bratz: Super Babyz" (Animation)

The year: 2007

The plot: As babies, the Bratz go to a superhero theme park with their grandmother. When their grandmother accidentally buys them alien matter instead of a toy, the babies gain superpowers and must battle aliens. The aliens are potatoes, by the way.

The best part: When the girls first discover their powers, Jade has the ability to stick to things, Sasha knows all, Yasmin is incredibly fast — but Cloe’s power is being a “super crybaby.” Same, girl.

Why you should watch it: Like I said, nobody wanted Babyz movies, but "Bratz: Super Babyz" is worth the watch solely for how ridiculous the plot is. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to see four babies versus potato aliens?

13. "Bratz: Babyz the Movie" (Cartoon)

The year: 2006

The plot: Nita and Nora are twin babies getting ready to meet up with the Bratz babies at the mall daycare when they discover their dog has been dognapped. When the babies escape daycare to find the dog, the thief demands a $50 ransom. From babies. Because they’re babies and have no money they enter a karaoke contest to win the cash.

The best part: The entire plot. Who lets a baby own a dog? Why did an adult thief demand money from babies? How did a baby enter a karaoke contest? I need answers.

Why you should watch it: In the wise words of John Mulaney, "It's an hour!"

12. "Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales" (Animation)

The year: 2008

The plot: Tired of hearing fairy tales like "Cinderella," where the girl waits for someone to save her, the Bratz girls make a few adjustments to their school’s fairy tale play. When they plan this, however, a frog named Chadwick appears to teach them a lesson about meddling with these stories.

The best part: Chadwick sounds exactly like Rick, the old hormone monster in "Big Mouth."

Why you should watch it: If you need a refresher on all things fairy tales, this movie’s for you. It’s also an easy watch since the switch between stories makes it feel more like a few short films instead of one long movie.


11. "Bratz Girlz Really Rock" (Animation)

The year: 2008

The plot: The Bratz girls go to a rock camp and enter a competition to land a spot in a movie, but a mean ballet instructor makes them second-guess themselves. 

The best part: It's eerily similar to "Camp Rock," and who doesn't need more "Camp Rock" in their life?

Why you should watch it: Because let’s be honest, we all forgot about this one. 

10. "Bratz: Go to Paris the Movie" (Animation)

The year: 2013

The plot: Famous models in Paris start getting poisoned by an unknown villain, so the Bratz girls go undercover as French supermodels to solve the mystery and find the culprit.

The best part: When the Bratz find out only two of them can go to Paris with their manager, Byron Powell, they have a motorcycle race to determine who gets to go.

Why you should watch it: If you’re like me and stopped keeping up with Bratz movies way before 2013, it’s worth the watch just to make sure the girls are still doing alright.

9. "Bratz: Desert Jewelz" (Animation)

The year: 2012

The plot: Serving as the sequel for "Bratz: Genie Magic," this movie stars Alia, a street thief the Bratz befriend. When she tries to steal a lamp, the girls must intervene before it gets in the wrong hands. 

The best part: When Alia screams at a scorpion.

Why you should watch it: Who could watch "Genie Magic" and not wish for more "Genie Magic?" 

8. "Bratz: Pampered Petz" (Animation)

The year: 2010

The plot: The Bratz girls hold a benefit show for animals when their friend Lola gets evicted from her home after she is caught rescuing shelter animals.

The best part: The record scratch three minutes in that breaks up the girls screaming about a spa trip. 

Why you should watch it: This is very easily one of Bratz’s most wholesome plots. Do it for the animals. 

7. "Bratz: Starrin’ & Stylin’" (Cartoon)

The year: 2004

The plot: The Bratz girls get a homework assignment on the week leading up to prom and have to figure out a way to balance both. 

The best part: When Jade says, “But the prom is our top priority!”

Why you should watch it: Everyone needs to learn how to balance work and play. Bonus — the cartoon-animation is so nostalgic.

6. "Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure" (Animation)

The year: 2007

The plot: A new girl moves in and her kid neighbors (including the Bratz) sleepover, which leads to telling scary stories.

The best part: Yasmin’s scary story starts out with, “You know those charm bracelets? The ones that are so popular at school?” Frightening lead-in.

Why you should watch it: This is the first — and obviously superior — Bratz Kidz movie, and it might just get you into the Halloween spirit.

5. "Bratz: Genie Magic" (Animation)

The year: 2006

The plot: Katia, a genie, meets the Bratz after she runs away when she finds out her father is planning to use her powers in a global warming scheme. During this, she realizes she wants to be a normal girl.

The best part: When a girl tells her friend with a mohawk that she wishes she had her hair, Katia grants her wish. Then the girl screams and says, “My life is totally over!”

Why you should watch it: Being anti-climate change is reason enough to enjoy this film, but this is also a great alternative to "Aladdin" if you thought the Disney movie was just a little too good. 

4. "Bratz" (Live Action)

The year: 2007

The plot: When the girls start high school, they drift apart and find their own cliques. However, after they all end up in detention together, they realize they miss being friends. In an effort to take down the mean girl of the school, they bond together and compete in the school talent show against her.

The best part: The classic food fight scene that definitely really happens in high school.

Why you should watch it: For the high school experience you never had. This movie is every rumor you heard about high school while you were in middle school. Bonus — The cast is star-studded, but the one that really stood out to me was that Yasmin is played by Nathalia Ramos, aka the girl from "House of Anubis." 

3. "Bratz Rock Angelz" (Animation)

The year: 2005

The plot: This is the movie where we learn background for the characters that is necessary to understand the other films. We meet Byron, Bratz Magazine starts up — everything. The girls lose their tickets to a VIP event, and they must form a band to get in. 

The best part: Cloe borrows a skater boy’s skateboard and lands an ollie perfectly in platform heels.

Why you should watch it: For context's sake, you can't skip this one. But don’t get me wrong, "Rock Angelz" is such a girl power classic. You'll want to start your own fashion magazine in no time.

2. "Bratz Fashion Pixiez" (Animation)

The year: 2007

The plot: The Bratz follow a goth outsider around only to find that she’s just misunderstood. When they put on special glasses, they can see what she sees — a world of pixies, unicorns and gnomes.

The best part: The girls have to attend a pixie rave. I wish I had to. 

Why you should watch: Every Bratz movie has a pretty obvious lesson to be learned, and "Fashion Pixiez" is no different. Learning how to understand others and not misjudge them is an important skill, but we can still learn that lesson through a story about really cool goth pixies.


1. "Bratz: Passion 4 Fashion - Diamondz" (Animation)

The year: 2006

The plot: As part of a reality TV show, the Bratz road trip across America to discover the next top model. Along the way, one of their models begins sabotaging the girls and their other contestants to get the winning prize.

The best part: The winning prize is a pair of diamond go-go boots. 

Why you should watch it: You could tell me Tyra Banks came up with this movie idea, and I would believe it. This is also one of four Bratz movies to have Kaley Cuoco voice Kirstee, the Bratz's rival.

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