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Half-naked rollerbladers in Tempe draw eyes, internet clout and police

The rollerbladers, who drew a response from ASU police, are known for their prank and challenge videos on YouTube

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ASU junior statistics major Robert Young rollerblades in Tempe on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020.

Walk-only zones still apply in the Memorial Union, but that didn’t faze two nearly naked rollerbladers who went ASU-viral earlier this month.

Earlier in October, a pair of YouTubers, Jacob Kausch and Mac.Savage69, who requested his name be withheld to distance his accounts from his family, took to the streets — and buildings — of ASU's Tempe campus in nothing but rollerblades and Speedos. 

Kausch said they were trying to “make people happy,” and he believes they did just that. 

“We both used to play hockey, so (we) just throw on some skates and put on some Speedos and just go have ourselves a good day, see what happens,” Mac.Savage69 said. 

The two skaters are not ASU students but are known for the prank and challenge videos they post to their social media accounts. Together, their Instagram accounts amass nearly 100,000 followers.

Some of their most recent escapades featured on YouTube include "GREEN MILK GALLON CHALLENGE (EXTREME VOMITING)" and "Eating 24 Hot Dogs WITHOUT CHEWING!!"

“We just both do some crazy stuff,” Mac.Savage69 said.

Caitlin Personale, a junior studying marketing, was getting her car fixed in a nearby parking garage when she spotted the two half-naked rollerbladers on the sidewalk across the street. A video she took of the two on rollerblading on the street got over 5,700 likes on the Tempe Barstool Instagram account.

“I was getting my car battery jumped by AAA, and we turned and saw them,” Personale said. 

“So, this is just like everyday for you guys?” The AAA worker asked Personale in the video. “Pretty much,” Personale replied. 

Mac.Savage69 and Kausch started skating near Postino Annex and skated across campus from there.

“We rolled around pretty much everywhere else,” Kausch said. “We rode through the gym, people were working out. We rode through the cafeteria where everyone was eating.” 

The two skated around campus without incident until being invited by a student into a residential hall.

“There’s one guy that recognized me from videos in the past and we kind of made friends with him … and then he was like, ‘Hey, come scare my roommate, he’s sleeping,’” Mac.Savage69 said. “So, we did that and then that kind of led to us just kind of rolling around the dorms just kind of being crazy, doing our own thing.” 

Their activities within the dorms resulted in calls to ASU PD.

“Two males were trespassed from ASU Campus in Tempe after rollerblading through a residential hall in speedos/thongs,” ASU Police Information Officer Adam Wolfe wrote in an email. “The subjects were not associated with the university, and were trespassed without further incident.”

According to Kausch, ASU PD received quite a few calls about them on campus that warranted the police’s arrival. 

“I think the police officer said we got like 20 police calls that day, that they got on us,” Kausch said. “(They) basically told us that we’re banned from the dorms for a year.” 

Although their day of pranks and laughs had come to an end, the YouTubers said they have high hopes for future pranks and that they don’t have any regrets about their scantily clad roll through ASU.

Both Mac.Savage69 and Kausch have since posted their respective vlogs of the day to their YouTube channels that document their experience. The two videos, called "Getting Thrown Out of ASU!!!" and "WE GOT BANNED FROM ASU!!" have been viewed over 5,800 times.

“Now this stuff that we do maybe not might be for everybody, but you know we have a good time doing it,” Mac.Savage69 said. “Our only goal is just to put some smiles on a couple people’s faces and we did that, I think. It’s always fun.” 

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