Introvert's Advocate: Advantages to an Introverted Lifestyle

For years I was a bit self-conscious about my introverted personality. To me, it always seemed like extroverts had more fun. However, after high school I began to realize that there were a few advantages to being an introvert.

1. You save money…sort of.

When you stay in for the night you don’t have to spend money on gas or an Uber, pay for an expensive meal or need to cover any of your friend’s expenses. Although, if you’re like me, you’ll probably end up spending that money on take-out or online shopping. It’s okay to treat yourself though, right?

2. You get your work done faster.

During your downtime you can catch up on your homework, reply to a pile of work-related emails and do some household chores. You’ll be able to keep some stress at bay and still have time to indulge in your favorite hobbies.


When you cancel plans or don’t make any you have time to take all the naps in the world. I always make an effort to at least come back home to my bed on Friday and Saturday night so I can peacefully sleep in if I want to.

4. You discover the best music and know the best shows on Netflix.

You’ll be everyone’s go-to when they need a recommendation for a binge watching marathon. Plus, you probably enjoy taking the time out to make awesome playlists on Spotify for when you actually do decide to venture outside of your bedroom.

5. People think you’re adorable.

This usually applies to female introverts, but not always. Because introverts are on the quieter side and are generally less brash about things, we’re often considered “cute”. Sometimes this can be a bit of a roadblock when you’re trying to be serious about something, but it can work to your advantage when you need help or a favor.