Introvert's Advocate: Do What You Love

For the most part, I’ve always had the mentality that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to if I have the proper motivation. That being said, it’s always a little annoying when I hear that certain career paths don’t “fit” my personality.

As an aspiring journalist, I’m required to make phone calls, interview a variety of people, occasionally ask tough questions and work on strict deadlines. Generally speaking, these duties don’t appeal to introverts, but I usually enjoy doing them. (Granted, I do hate talking on the phone, and probably always will, but hey it gets the job done.)

However, out of all the personality tests I’ve taken the “possible careers” section has rarely revealed anything I actually wanted to do. I’ve gotten everything from artist to counselor. (Like what? No. I can barely manage my own life don’t put someone else’s in my hands.)

Obviously, there are some career choices that I know for a fact I would not succeed in. For example, I could never, ever enter the medical field because even the mention of blood makes me feel unbelievably queasy, (I’m not joking, I had to mentally prepare myself just to write that sentence.)

I could also never be a news anchor because that would require me to not do awkward things on live television. So see, I know my limits.

I also highly doubt anyone has ever been permanently deterred from pursuing the career of their dreams because of an online test. Although it is slightly disappointing to see that what you want to do isn’t in the “norm”.

I’m not sure if anyone other than a computer has actually doubted my ability to do what I wanted, but it wouldn’t matter even if they did. I would much rather challenge myself and do what I love than do something that’s safe and hate it.