Introvert's Advocate: The Introvert Spectrum

One of the great things about being human is the spectrum our personalities can fall on. You don’t have to be at one extreme or the other, you can fall anywhere in the middle. As a large part of your personality, introversion (and extroversion) follows this rule.

Introversion Level: Mild

You’re probably on the lower level of the introvert scale if you have a lot of friends and love going out, but you need an afternoon or two for yourself. You don’t mind being alone, but you love being with people.

Introversion Level: Medium

This is the category I believe I fall under. Occasionally I think I’ll slip up into higher levels, but for the most part I’m a mid-range introvert. I like spending a decent part of my free time alone. I don’t mind eating or shopping by myself (sometimes I prefer it) and books are some of my best friends. However, I also feel my happiest when I’m with my close friends and family. Basically, medium level introverts like being alone, but we don’t like being lonely.

Introversion Level: High

High-level introverts are probably the most misunderstood. They spend most of their time alone by choice, and may have some socially awkward tendencies. You’re probably at this level of introversion if you’re disgusted by the thought of attending an event with more than five people, and frequently question why other people aren’t content with staying home nearly every weekend. You also probably love animals way more than most human beings.

There you have it folks, the three major categories of introversion. It is possible to be a mix of all three levels or travel in between them (I know I do.)