Why Everyone Should Appreciate Online Dating

I used to have such a negative view of online dating, and the use of dating apps. I thought it was very untraditional and often times creepy to talk to people so intimately through a dating app. I felt like it was illegitimate.

I’m finishing up a group multimedia project for class focusing on college students’ use of dating apps, and I’ve lightened up quite a bit. I realized virtual dating isn’t illegitimate, or the easy way out, or pointless, it’s simply dating and matchmaking evolving with technology.

Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble and Grinder have changed the dating game for the better. It’s outstanding that a cellphone can connect you to the potential love of your life at a different school or city that you never would have crossed paths with otherwise.

Someone could be sitting in the classroom next you, in a different cart on the train, or working at the Starbucks you buy coffee from every morning and you’d never know they exist until their face pops up and you quickly click a checkmark or swipe it to the right.

Researching and interviewing for my project, I was honestly surprised to discover how many long-term couples met online and are still madly in love. I appreciate the people who use the app so innocently, and are truly looking for love. 

Many praise Tinder for bringing them their soul mate. And if their lives can dramatically change after downloading the app and playing around with it between classes, then that’s completely legitimate to me.

I had to create a Tinder account for this project (sorry, Bryan.) If I was single, I would be OBSESSED with getting matches. I would probably be on Tinder more than Twitter (and I love Twitter.) I never gave it a chance, which is why I brushed it off as something stupid people do when they can’t hold a conversation in person.

The app breaks down a person’s location, age and interests, allows them to add a short bio of whatever they want to say, and posts a few pictures, which is kind of like a blind date that the other person doesn’t realize they’re on.

To everyone who thinks dating apps are bogus, think about the potential they have. Think about how many opportunities suddenly arise when you’re exposed to hundreds of people in your town that you’d never have the pleasure of knowing otherwise.

To those who are embarrassed of using dating apps, don’t be. It’s a hot trend right now, but it’s still very new to us. Our parents don’t understand or trust it, but our generation has and will take advantage of technology for every aspect of our lives.

As long as you’re being safe and respecting yourself, there’s no reason to be ashamed of wanting to find your perfect match.

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