The Life of a Server: Rude Customers

Just in case you didn’t know: servers are people. We have families and friends and life outside of waiting on you. Just because we bring food to your table doesn’t mean you can treat us like garbage. 

I've talked about this week's topic as recently as my last shift with my coworker. Thankfully, this is not a problem I encounter often, but when it does it is incredibly frustrating. 

It's rude customers with a bad attitude.

Yes, you are coming to a restaurant to have a great dining experience, and, yes, I am going to do my absolute best to make sure you have such a great experience you want to come back. 

Now I don’t know that kind of day you’ve had, and what kinds of struggle you’re experiencing in your life, but there is absolutely no reason for you to bring your terrible attitude into the restaurant, and treat me poorly. 

Guess what? I’ve have had a long day. I’m tired, and I’m spending my Saturday night making sure you have a great night. The least you can do is treat me with the same respect every human being deserves.

Now, I understand if you’re on a date or you’re visiting a friend after a long time apart, and you want to talk to them. I can obviously tell, and I won’t come by every five seconds to bug you. However, it makes my job a lot more difficult and a lot more awkward if you refuse to make eye contact with me.

As much as I may get frustrated with people's bad attitudes, and blatant disrespect towards a fellow human being, I am still going to come back to your table with a smile (after complaining about you to my coworkers when I’m putting in your order.) 

I get paid to do this. That, and I’m a good person and there is no reason to be rude to someone I don’t even know. 

With my bubbling personality, I will kill you with kindness until you’re telling me all about your life, and what you’re doing after you leave the restaurant. After all, not only do I love my job, but I’m actually good at it.