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The cast of a new Netflix movie makes an appearance at ASU

The Workaholics cast Adam Devine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm brought ASU students onto their party bus on Wednesday, March 14. They also visited the Memorial Union on the Tempe campus to promote their new Netflix movie, Game Over, Man! Ariel Salk - Reporter: On March 14, the cast from the popular show, Workaholics, visited ASU to promote their new movie, Game Over, Man! The Netflix original is an off-the-wall action movie staring Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm. The trio invited ASU students onto their party bus, and made a quick stop at the MU on the Tempe campus. We got the opportunity at the State Press to talk with the guys about their upcoming movie. Adam Devine - Actor: We all sort of broke the story down together. And then talked about some cool funny scenes that we thought would be, you know, fun,and then Ders (Anders Holm) would go off and write them and then we would come back together and talk about it. Salk: Anderson talked about the differences working in TV versus making a movie. Blake Anderson - Actor: Coming from like TV and stuff you kinda are just, like, rushing through your day so much. So it was cool doing a movie and being able to like actually spend time in the scenes, and like, find the comedy of it. Salk: Devine spoke about making a movie through Netflix compared to the traditional route. Devine: I've done some big studio movies and then you have to go to like things like conventions, where you get up there and you realize that they're there to make money off popcorn and soda. So like, they can't piss those companies off. So they maybe not, they maybe wouldn't want this movie in the theaters. But Netflix, they just want cool, fun, movies that serve an audience, and I think we definitely will serve an audience. Salk: I'm Ariel Salk, reporting for the State Press. Reach the reporter at or follow @arielsalk on Twitter. Like The State Press on Facebook and follow @statepress on Twitter


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