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Freshmen rap group emerges from a Tempe dorm room

Room 4 is a rap group made up of three ASU freshmen students. They currently create all of their music from one of the members' dorm room. Digital culture major Russel Prim goes by the stage name Rozotadi. Tireek Cody, also known as Tireek, and Jerimiah Griffin, whose stage name is Lonely Leonard, are both film majors. To listen to their music, check out Room 4 on SoundCloud. Music: "All My Life" by Room 4 and "Holex" by Room 4 Ariel Salk - Reporter: Room 4 is an up-and-coming rap group made up of three ASU students. Rozotadi, Lonely Leonard and Tireek are all freshmen. And met on the same day they moved into their dorm on the Tempe campus. Rozotadi - Russel Prim: August 11 or August 12, one of those days, the very first day we get here and get in our dorms we just all basically connected and we were like, 'Yo, you do music? Do you do music too? Well, let’s do music.' You know, and stuff like that. It’s just like we naturally assimilated. Salk: They record all of their music in Tadi's dorm room, which was the inspiration for the group's name. Lonely Leonard - Jerimiah Griffin: We have a punk rock set up, bro. It’s in a dorm room bro. People, people paying money for a studio, but we are in a dorm room with it like, like honestly, like those people with the loud music, like, you know the person that’s in your building that’s like down the hall bumping like loud music, imagine they were making music, bro, that’s us. Salk: Room 4 performed as ASU's Battle of the Bands, and rocked it. Tireek - Tireek Cody: It’s a really nice experience like because we had a lot of people who support us, come through, cheered us on, and it was just a lot of love. Salk: Room 4 just released their newest song, 'Holex.' Rozotadi: The song really started to develop, like they said, it started from something completely different. It was a song that I did 3-years-ago, and then now it’s developed into the intelligence, intelligent ignorance. What did you call it? Tireek: Intelligently ignorant. Tadi: Intelligently ignorant, but it’s not. Leonard: It’s classy, it’s like, there’s arpeggios, and like all those other big music words that you don’t know, I don’t know them either, he knows them. Tireek: In the chorus it said, “All I ever wanted was a watch and a bad chick,” but like, if you listen to the song, it’s about much more than that, it’s not just like, of course everybody want jewelry and all that, but it’s like, achieving all your dreams and goals. Salk: You can check them out on their Twitter of Instagram @room4culture. And find their music on almost any musical platform including Spotify and Youtube. For the State Press, I'm Ariel Salk reporting. Reach the reporter at or follow @arielsalk on Twitter. Like The State Press on Facebook and follow @statepress on Twitter


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