0522120210dn PNI0526-met hayden mill opens

Charlie Leight ·

0522120210dn PNI0526-met hayden mill opens – 5.24.12 – The original Hayden Flour Mill (cq) began in the late 1800s, but burned down, as did the second. Tempe and the Rio Salado Foundation (cq) have been instrumental in reopening the third structure, built in 1918 (cq). The property, on Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue (cq) has been fenced off for 15 years (cq). The foundation is raising funds for the rejuvenation of the mill and its silos, as well as the surrounding grounds that are adjacent to Tempe Butte. The grounds will be open for events in the fall. Charlie Leight/The Arizona Republic



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