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Everyone should try CrossFit at least once

(04/29/15 3:53am)

I am not a fit man in any way, shape or form. It’s actually quite the opposite because more often than not, I am a perfect example of a sloth. On two separate occasions I have thrown a book at a light switch because I was too lazy to turn the damn thing off. I have also spent more than one night watching several torturous hours of Fran Drescher’s "The Nanny," all because getting up and finding the remote was a little too much work for me.

California has no right to make vaccinations a requirement

(04/22/15 3:08am)

It seems odd that to this day vaccinations remain one of the most hotly debated topics in the U.S. Although we’re one of the most well vaccinated populations in the entire world, the debate over personal rights and public health continues to rage on harder than ever. This was made crystal clear last week when a California bill regarding vaccinations stalled in the state senate. If passed, the bill would make vaccinations a requirement for those attending public schools. After hours of testimony, the vote on the bill was postponed until next week. So, with things still up in the air, the question remains: Can someone be forced into vaccinating their child?

Antidepressant commercials make me depressed

(04/08/15 4:27am)

Let’s talk about depression. We’ve all seen enough antidepressant commercials to know exactly what this entails. It’s usually some man or woman lit in blue, sitting up in bed and rubbing their heads in frustration. They go out into the world, shadowed by some gray faceless entity or possibly a raincloud. Then they take a magic little pill, and they’re transported to a bright and sunny world where they’re making all their friends laugh. TV is littered with ads just like this, and I’m here to say screw them and screw everything they represent. Screw the way they trivialize the disease and belittle everyone that suffers from it. And screw the way they show a simple, one-step solution in the form of a pill.

Mandatory church attendance is equally bad for secular people and non-secular people

(04/01/15 3:46am)

Last week, Arizona Sen. Sylvia Allen, R-Snowflake, continued Arizona’s long history of being one of the most ignorant states in the country. During a debate over a concealed-carry gun bill, Allen remarked that people should be able to carry guns into public buildings because of the moral erosion in the U.S.

Connecticut wants to set all the drug addicts free, and Americans should be OK with that

(03/26/15 3:21am)

The prison system in the U.S. is broken and has been broken for years. This is not some great revelation or big secret. For decades, critics have outlined its many problems ranging from racial disparity in arrest records to the controversy surrounding private prisons — yet one of the most glaring issues facing this nation is the way which we handle drug crimes. Instead of offering rehabilitation or counseling, we lock up addicts in prisons where drug use is rampant. Then they are sent out into the world with new addictions and a criminal record.

NYPD: patrolling the streets and trolling the Internet

(03/18/15 12:47am)

There's no question whether or not the New York Police Department is in a state of lawlessness. Time and time again they have reaffirmed the fact that they can do whatever they want without any consequences; whether it be through the racially motivated and borderline unconstitutional stop and frisks or the use of excessive force, the NYPD has continued to dodge all accountability.

Marriage equality the smallest barrier for LGBT community

(02/11/15 12:49am)

Last week, the Supreme Court refused to issue a stay of a federal ruling on Alabama's definition of a marriage, making Alabama the 37th state to legalize gay marriage. While this legalization should represent a huge victory, the backlash in Alabama has quickly become representative of the problems facing the LGBT community.

The U.S. needs a more humane death penalty

(01/21/15 12:56am)

With the execution of Charles Warner on Thursday, Oklahoma carried out its first execution in over eight months. This delay came after the botched April execution of Clayton Lockett. After several attempts to find a usable vein to insert the IV, the physician finally located one in the groin area. The execution went wrong when it was discovered that Lockett's vein had exploded and that he was still conscious. This led to Lockett writhing in pain before finally dying of a heart attack 43 minutes after the initial injection. These two executions initially sparked debate over the use of capital punishment, but the real debate should focus on the method of execution.

Minimum wage creates cycle of debt

(01/13/15 11:42pm)

The average annual cost of tuition for an in-state student at ASU is $19,000, while an out-of-state student is forced to pay $33,000 each year. With that number growing large each year, the number of students in debt continues to skyrocket. More than half of of all students who graduate from a state school in Arizona will leave college with some form of debt; the average sitting just above $22,000. While some of the blame sits squarely on the shoulders of college administrators, most of it should be put on those who enforce and adjust minimum wage.