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Pets on a college campus are there to serve a purpose

(11/02/16 2:16am)

College students don’t have the time to take care of themselves, let alone another animal. With academics, extracurricular activities, sports and whatnot, tending to an animal doesn’t seem to be a feasible option for students, especially for those adjusting to college life for the first time.

Voters can avoid election anxiety by being informed about the media

(11/03/16 12:42am)

Conflict is a natural product of any election; clashing opinions and the bias of the media leave voters feeling panicked and overwhelmed. This year’s election, in particular, has stirred up a great deal of controversy, which is due in part to the wide divide between Trump supporters and Clinton supporters.

Clothing closely linked to creativity, professional business dress code no longer viable

(10/19/16 2:00am)

Clothing, as a direct representation of our character, is responsible for shaping our expressions of creativity as well as our social interactions. It only makes sense that individuals dress themselves to fit their present circumstances. For example, most students don’t wear their pajamas to class although there are a select few who do.